Golf Clash Tour 5 Complete Guide

golf clash tour 5
golf clash tour 5

After you’re done with the first 4 Tours in Golf Clash, the game welcomes you to Tour 5. From this point onwards, you will start getting tougher opponents. Dealing with these tough opponents might be a bit hard for the average player.

Golf Clash Tour 5 Guide:

This is where our guide comes in. We’ve successfully devised a complete Tour 5 guide in Golf Clash. We’ve covered each and every course in Tour 5. We also made sure to recommend the best club for each course. Mentioned below is a walkthrough for each course in Tour 5:

  1. Hole 1: Par 4

tour5 hole 1

Best Clubs for the Hole = Backbone and Saturn

In case there is a strong wind coming from the side, we’d recommend you to play from the left line. Make sure to use overpower, coupled with the maximum amount of front spin to land the ball in the mid of fairway.

Using the second shot, you can easily go in the green by using two options: Either use backspin or bounce your ball on the rough side which will in terms slow it down and roll it towards the green.

Now, you can go for the line and bounce the ball directly in front of the bunker using frontspin. Finally, you can use any short iron here and go right towards the pin. If there’s a tailwind, use backspin which will neutralize it.

  1. Hole 2: Par 3

tour5 hole 2

Best Club for the Hole = Big Dawg

Players might find this to be a bit tricky, but this is actually one of the best lines to play the hole in Tour 5. First, faintly overpower your hit so the ball can bounce to the end of the fairway and hopefully, bounce over.

Now, use the maximum amount of topspin you can manage to land the ball on the green. Likewise, make sure to curl the ball just a little towards the right. This will help you prevent from going towards the bunker.

  1. Hole 3: Par 5

tour5 hole 3

Best Club for the Hole = Big Dawg

Unless you have a strong tailwind, play the hole from the left side. Make the ball go as distant as you can manage. Afterward, using the small island placed in front of the green, bounce your ball to get closer to the green. Most probably, you will land on the rough, but you can go for an eagle here.

In the case of tailwind, do the opposite. Shoot the ball from the right side, with the same mindset. Similarly, get the ball as distant on the island. The second shot should make it to the green, just avoid the bunker using overpower here.

  1. Hole 4: Par 3

tour5 hole 4


Best Clubs for the Hole = Backbone and Sniper

The perfect way for you to play this hole is to bounce the ball in the first fairway which comes just before the water area. Unfortunately, going straight for the green is highly unlikely here. Your ball will be too fast and will ultimately land directly in the bunker.

However, what you can do is to bounce the ball and use plenty of topspin. This makes the ball go over the island. Now, aim your ball to bounce right ahead of the bunker. In this way, your ball will slow down before reaching the green.

  1. Hole 5: Par 5

tour5 hole 5

Best Clubs for the Hole = Big Dawg

In this hole, only use the blue line only if there is no strong tailwind. If you use the blue line, one more hit will be needed for reaching the green. First, make the ball go as distant as possible. Simply use curl on your second shot. You will now have a clear take on the green.

In contrast, the red line is pretty difficult. Luckily, you can reach the green with only two hits. After going as far as you can, overpower and curl again. Your ball will bounce near the bunker. Just don’t add lots of backspin in this hole.

  1. Hole 6: Par 4

tour5 hole 6

Best Clubs for the Hole = Backbone and Goliath

We’d recommend you to go for an eagle here after making the ball go far on the fairway. Bounce ahead of the bunker and add some frontspin. Make sure not to add too much, especially if the tailwind is strong.

Now, you will have a clear shot. You can even go right for the pin. Just don’t go too short here because the green is uphill.

  1. Hole 7: Par 3

tour5 hole 7

Best Clubs for the Hole = Sniper, and Viper

Luckily, you can go for both the blue and red line here. In case you don’t have a club with too much backspin, go for the blue line. Just add topspin after bouncing the ball near the bunker. If you’re lucky enough, you can even get a hole-in-one.

Surprisingly, the red line has an even better chance of getting a hole-in-one. All you need to do is add more backspin. You will only need to bounce once, on the rough right before the green.

  1. Hole 8: Par 4

tour5 hole 8

Best Clubs for the Hole = Sniper and Viper

For this hole, go for the left side if there isn’t a strong headwind. Simply make the ball bounce on the fairway. Make it go on the right side of the island using frontspin. From this point, just don’t add too much backspin and you’ll be able to go right in the green.

For strong headwind, just curl towards the right, and bounce the ball on the rough for the second hit. Don’t add backspin here.

  1. Hole 9: Par 5

tour5 hole 9

Best Clubs for the Hole = Big Dawg

In case there is no strong tailwind here, opt for the left line. Bouncing over the bunker is required here so you can land the ball on the fairway shaped as an island.

However, if there is a strong tailwind, using the right line will be much easier. Likewise, bounce the ball at the end of the fairway to land at the end of the next smaller fairway. Now, go right for the green using a slight curl aimed at the left.

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