Golf Clash Tour 8 Complete Guide

golf clash tour 8
golf clash tour 8

Here is a detailed walkthrough of Golf Clash that can help you learn more about each of the 9 holes found in Tour 8, along with how you can become great at all of them. The guide also talks about the best clubs that you should try for all the different holes.

A Guide for Tour 8 in Golf Clash

Hole 1 (Par 4)

tour 8 hole 1

First up is the hole number one of the eight tours in the game. This hole features two different lines that players can take, the left line and the right line. The right line is the one that most players prefer for this hole. The right is especially helpful if you’re getting crosswinds from the sides. Try to land the ball further than the trees on the left side if you wish to take the right line. This will provide you with an easy shot to reach the green.

However, the left side is ideal if there is no wind coming in from the side. Bouncing the ball on the rough will allow you to get close to the bunker. This will allow you to get in a good position in order to try an eagle in the second shot, provided that you’re close to the green. The best clubs to use in the course are the backbone or goliath.

Hole 2 (Par 3)

tour 8 hole 2

This hole is pretty straightforward and provides one of the best chances to get a hole-in-one in Tour 8. The safe way to approach this hole is to bounce the ball right in front of the bunker in order to make it easier to go for the green.

On the other hand, you could also take a risk and get the ball to bounce on the left of the bunker. You’ll be able to get a hole-in-one if you’re able to land this shot in the right way. In terms of clubs, you could try going for the backbone or the viper. The sniper is also a good club for this hole.

Hole 3 (Par 5)

tour 8 hole 3

This is one of the more complicated holes in Tour 8. The right line is the usual and safe approach to this hole and is pretty straightforward. However, the left line is the much better option if you’re facing a stronger headwind.

If you’re taking the left line, bounce the ball on the fairway near the bunker. This will provide you with the clean angle you need in order to approach the green and comfortably land your shot with ease. The Big Dawg is great for this course and the sniper or cataclysm are good options as well.

Hole 4 (Par 3)

tour 8 hole 4

Hole 4 is one of the easiest holes in the tour. It is pretty straightforward and there are no 2 different lines for you to choose from. Just use some left spin on the ball and try to land it near the bunker. After you do this, you’ll be provided with a comfortable shot towards the green. You can use pretty much any upgraded clubs at your disposal for this level, however it is recommended that you choose the Backbone and Goliath or Sniper.

Hole 5 (Par 4)

tour 8 hole 5

This is another complicated hole in this course, however, it isn’t anything that you should struggle with. You should be able to comfortably clear this hole if you know how to set your spin. There’s only one line of approach. This line of approach requires you to properly curl the ball towards the left fairway using front-spin.

After this, you’ll be able to complete the hole with significant ease. There are several good options for this course. It is recommended that you use one out of the Big Topper, the Quarterback, Thorn, or Thor’s Hammer.

Hole 6 (Par 5)

tour 8 hole 6

There are three different ways to try this level out. You could take on the left approach which is more comfortable. However, this line requires you to properly set your topspin and power in order to succeed. If you fail to do this properly, you’ll probably end up failing the hole.

The other options are through the right line. Hit the ball as close to the trees and keep it on the fairway. After this, you could decide to curl it around the trees and toward the green, or you could hit it right between them. These options are safer but need practice. The Big Dawg, Cataclysm, or the Sniper are your go-to options for this hole.

Hole 7 (Par 3)

tour 8 hole 7

This hole is pretty simple. You can just try to land the ball as near the bunker as possible. After this, you can decide to go around the left or right side of the bunker. Your best club options are Goliath, Backbone, or once again, the Sniper.

Hole 8 (Par 4)

tour 8 hole 8

Hole 8 is yet another course that allows you to choose from three approaches. The left and right lines are the easy and comfortable approaches, however, the middle line is the best option if you’re an experienced player.

Both the left and right sides are easy to take and are similar to one another. The middle line, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. You’ll have to land the ball at the right corner of the bunker. After this, you’ll have to use some topspin to land it on the green. You should use the Big Topper or the Thorn for this cause.

Hole 9 (Par 5)

tour 8 hole 9

The usual way to approach this hole is the left line. If you prefer this line, you’ll want to use a ball and club that provide you with as much topspin as you want. Use this ball and club the get the ball on the second fairway and go directly for the green.

A right line is only an acceptable option when players are getting strong headwinds. If you wish to use this line, hit the ball to make it land on the right end of the first fairway. This will give you the option to comfortably curl the ball around the tall trees and towards the green. The Big Dawg or Cataclysm is the best possible club that you can use in this hole.

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