7 Best Games Like The Binding of Isaac (Games Similar To The Binding of Isaac)

games like the binding of isaac
games like the binding of isaac

The Binding of Isaac is a great little video game that provides players with an almost endless amount of fun. That is because it is a roguelike, meaning that it is capable of offering players an entirely new experience every single time that they die in the game. As with any roguelike, players will be starting from the very beginning whenever they die or wherever they die in the Binding of Isaac. This offers lots of frustration, but it also adds to the fun and intensity. It is a genre-defining game that millions have played, which is definitely really impressive for an indie game such as itself.

If you’re one of the many who’ve spent hours on the Binding of Isaac and have now come to love it, you’re likely to have gained an interest in roguelike games in general. While it isn’t the most famous genre out there, it is still iconic and has become increasingly famous in recent times. That’s why you’ll find that there are lots more roguelike games coming out in recent times, especially after the release of the original Binding of Isaac game. If you’re interested in more roguelike games or just interested in more games that are like The Binding of Isaac in general, here is a list filled with some great options that you should consider trying.

Games Like The Binding of Isaac

  1. Enter the Gungeon

enter the gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a roguelike video game that certainly takes a lot of skill and a lot of patience in order to get used to. That’s because it is a bullet hell roguelike. Bullet hell games and roguelike games alike, in general, are quite difficult on their own, and mixing them together creates something similar to Enter the Gungeon, which is an absolutely frustrating but highly enjoyable experience that most will love. If you were a fan of the intensity and the pressure that constantly spawning enemies put on you in The Binding of Isaac, you’re sure to enjoy this as well.

As with most roguelikes, the dungeons in this game are randomly set, meaning that you won’t be enjoying the exact same experience ever. Every single time you die, there’ll be a slightly different area with a different order of enemies. The combat is a lot like Binding of Isaac in some ways, and the game design, in general, is quite alike as well. There are all sorts of different weapons and all sorts of different techniques to get accustomed to as well, along with all sorts of different strategies. That’s also something that Binding of Isaacs knows all about.

  1. Risk of Rain 1

risk of rain 1

Risk of Rain is a platform game and one that you’ll notice is associated with The Binding of Isaac a lot. While the art style and the visuals might not be completely similar due to Risk of Rain’s side-view camera angle, there are many other similarities. One example of this is the great variety in gameplay. The Binding of Isaac is so loved and famed mainly because of how much variety it offers with each and every single run, and this is something that Risk of Rain excels at. You could even say that it offers more variety.

There are a total of 12 different characters that you can play as in the game. While there is only one of them unlocked at the very start of the game, you’ll slowly start to unlock more and more of them. All these different characters have their own perks, as you would expect. Each of them adds a lot of variety to gameplay and makes things much more enjoyable. While it may not fully be a roguelike, Risk of Rain certainly does have lots of roguelike elements and is a great alternative for The Binding of Isaac fans. Risk of Rain 2 is a good game as well, but it certainly is a lot more different which is why it isn’t that great of a choice as an alternative.

  1. Nuclear Throne

nuclear throne

Nuclear Throne is a fun roguelike game that is loved by a huge majority of people that have played it. Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of roguelike games, Nuclear Throne is a game that most people are sure to love. Chances are that you will love it even more so if you’re a fan of The Binding of Isaac, as it is quite similar. The game features a top-down camera angle and it is a roguelike, both of which are huge and very important similarities. Another similarity is that Nuclear Throne is a bullet hell game as well. One small difference in this is that Nuclear Throne is entirely focused on bullet hell combat whereas The Binding of Isaac doesn’t feature bullet-hell gameplay until the later stages.

Nuclear Throne is undeniably a lot more difficult as well, as the learning curve is certainly large and even the relatively weaker enemies are capable of giving you a very tough time. Regardless, those that liked The Binding of Isaac for its great challenge will love to hear this as well. As for the story, there’s not really that much to know as it is definitely not Nuclear Throne’s biggest strength.

  1. Spelunky


Spelunky is another beloved indie game like the Binding of Isaac. It is a 2D platformer that shares a lot of similarities with The Binding of Isaac, one of these similarities being that both games are loved by the general public and critics alike. While Spelunky is played from a side angle camera as opposed to a top-down one, there are still lots of similarities in gameplay. As it is a roguelike as well, Spelunky features a huge number of enemies in every single level.

All of these enemies are randomly generated as well and won’t ever be coming at you in the same order as last time. As anyone would expect, this translates to lots of difficulties and a great challenge. There’s a good story to follow in the background as well, meaning that gameplay isn’t the only strength of Spelunky.

  1. Crypt of The Necrodancer

crypt of the necrodancer

Crypt of the Necrodancer is another good game on this list and one of the most beautiful ones of them all at that too. It is also a roguelike, as you’d expect from a game that’s similar to The Binding of Isaac. The only difference is that its gameplay is a bit more unique from all the others, as it features rhythmic gameplay. This makes it a certainly great option for all those that like to enjoy video games that different from the norm.

As you would expect from a rhythmic video game, the soundtrack of this game is brilliant. Even in this department, it is quite similar to The Binding of Isaac, as the soundtrack of both games has been composed by the same person. It is certainly a fun, beautiful, and challenging roguelike recommended for all fans of The Binding of Isaac.

  1. Super Meat Boy

super meat boy

Super Meat Boy is a great platforming game that is based on a flash game of the same name. It is one of the most similar games that you’ll find to The Binding of Isaac in just about any aspect, and that’s because both of the games have the same designer. While the camera angles differ, the gameplay design and mechanics of both games are noticeably very similar and something that you’re sure to enjoy as a fan of The Binding of Isaac.

There are a few roguelike elements in the game here and there, but it definitely isn’t a complete roguelike. You would think that this makes it slightly less difficult, but that definitely isn’t the case. Players will be dying almost every few minutes, and they’ll have to learn and adapt more and more each time they respawn. This is another great similarity between the two games.

  1. Hades


Hades is the newest title on this list and is arguably the best one as well. It is a genre-defining roguelike, and this is the case because of many different reasons. The gameplay features a top-down camera angle, and plays somewhat similar to The Binding of Isaac, although not as hyper and flashy in some cases. It is a hack and slash game and there are some bullet hell scenarios as well every now and then.

The story is focused on the son of Hades himself, Zagreus. Zagreus attempts to leave the underworld but Hades does everything in his power to stop this from happening. You’ll be battling his army of the dead in many different layers of the underworld and you’ll no doubt be dying a lot. But with the help of the Olympian gods as well as other popular figures in Greek mythology, you’ll adapt more and more while becoming stronger with each run. It is a great game that actually tells its entire story using its roguelike elements, and is a must-play if you like The Binding of Isaac or roguelikes in general.

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