Top 5 Games Like Factorio (Alternatives To Factorio)

games like factorio
games like factorio


Factorio is a video game developed by Czech studio Wube Software, which is mainly based on construction, and management simulation. After 4 years of long early access, the game was finally released for only Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux on 14 August 2020. This makes it quite a recent title.

The game starts with an engineer who accidentally crash-landed on a planet full of aliens. The main objective of the player is to get out of that planet. But to do so, he must find and gather resources and create industries so he can build a rocket.

But, thanks to the game being an open-world. Even after the game has been successfully completed by the player, he is still free to explore the world. To accompany that feature, the game has both single-player and multiplayer mode.

The main challenge in Factorio is the fact that as the player is stuck on an alien planet, certain creatures will bring harm to the player. The player must defend himself and his factories from absolutely ferocious creatures. Some of them are ‘Biters’, ‘Worms’, and ‘Splitters’. The idea here is that as the player builds constructions and factories, the environment will get more and more pollutants. The player’s enemies will become more and more hostile.

This also helps in gradually increasing the game’s difficulty as the player progresses on the game. The player will have to utilize his defensives to be able to annihilate his enemies. Of course, the enemies will keep evolving and become harder to eliminate as the player builds more constructions.

The best part is that along with multiplayer, the game is designed to be customizable through mods. This has allowed players to modify and add new things in the game. An in-game mod manager is also available in the game.

Games Like Factorio:

Factorio is a fantastic game that every open-world lover should try out. But to all the gamers who have already played their share of the game, and are looking for other alternatives to Factorio. Then they are in luck today.

Using this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at a few games that play out just like Factorio. We will make sure to give you a basic introduction to each and every one of the game. So, here are all of the games mentioned right below:

  1. Astroneer


Astroneer is another recent title that is developed by System Era Softworks. The game features a complete sandbox adventure experience. The Early Access of the game was released back in 2016, followed by its official launch with was in 2019.

In Astroneer, the player’s main task is to colonize planets and create various structures and mining resources. There really isn’t an end goal or a storyline in Astroneer. Rather, each and every planet of Astroneer has a different challenge for the player to overcome. Every planet also has a different atmosphere, and visual which makes up for a great experience for the user.

Right off the start, the player is given control of an astronaut which he will use to navigate either on foot or by a vehicle. Astroneer’s open-world planets are the game’s main selling point. For a sandbox adventure video game, Astroneer’s visuals are unbelievably good.

The game’s core elements include the use of crafting. The player will use a variety of resources and tools to craft different items, which also include fuel and parts for his spacecraft and rover. The player is given two main pieces of equipment along his journey, which are the Terrain Tool, and a Backpack. Both are incredibly useful in their own way.

  1. RimWorld


RimWorld is another indie simulation video game that relies heavily on construction and management. It is developed and published by Ludeon Studios. Initially, the game was planned to launch with the name Eclipse Colony and was started only as a Kickstarter project for crowdfunding. Due to this fact, it was only released for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux in 2013. The official release goes all the way to 2018.

The game basically revolves around 3 different characters in the future who are stuck on a planet. The planet is situated in the space, called RimWorld. Each character has a completely random set of attributes. These attributes will affect how the character will contribute to a colony, or how he affects the planet and the characters around him.

As the game progresses, more and more characters will join the colony. Each character is given a choice, where they can either join or be taken as a prisoner.

The goal of a player in this game is to make sure his colony and the characters living inside it survive for as long as they can. The game also features fighting against unknown threats that will bring harm to your colony.

  1. Oxygen Not Included

oxygen not included

Oxygen Not Included is a simulation video game that depends heavily on the survival genre. The game is developed and published by Klei Entertainment. Oxygen Not Included was initially released as early access on Steam in 2017. After 2 years of early access, the game finally made its way through with its official release in 2019.

As already mentioned above, Oxygen Not Included uses survival as its main element. The game starts off with three duplicants (colonists) who find themselves in an asteroid. The duplicants only have a limited number of isolated pockets of breathable atmosphere. The main twist here is that none of them have any clue how they got there in the first place.

The player’s objective is to manage and look after the duplicants and make sure they survive and create a workable space colony. The player is presented with many challenges as he will need to keep an eye on duplicants hunger, oxygen level, and wastes. Also, there are a dozen of hazards that also act as a barrier for the player. Some of these hazards are disease or extreme temperatures. Even though survival is the main objective here, the duplicants will still need to build colonies and grow them.

  1. Starbound


Starbound is an action/adventure video game that is made by Chucklefish. Although the game was in early access when it first came out, it soon got an official release in 2016. Currently, the game is released for Microsoft Windows, macOS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita.

Starbound starts with the player ending up inside a spacecraft after the Earth has been destroyed. The character that the player plays is actually a starter member of an intergalactic peacekeeping organization, called the Terrene Protectorate.

The space shuttle shoots outside the spacecraft, with the player still inside it. As there is nothing to control the speed or direction of the shuttle, the player gets lost in a sea of stars. The first adventure begins as soon as the shuttle starts orbiting around a habitable planet.

In Starbound, the player is given the freedom to explore the universe and its planets while keeping the space shuttle as his vehicle to traverse through the universe. It features both quests and story-driven missions. The whole universe gives an exciting and unique sandbox experience to the player. It is up to the player on how he decides to explore the universe of Starbound.

  1. Satisfactory


Satisfactory is a 3D First Person open-world simulation video game with exploration and factory building as its main traits. It is probably one of the most recent and most demanding video games on this list. Another thing worth mentioning about Satisfactory is that it is currently in Early Access and is only available for Microsoft Windows.

The game begins with the player dropped onto an alien planet as an engineer. With only a handful of tools at his disposal, the player must gather and make use of the planet’s natural resources. These resources are used to construct various complex factories that are used to automate all resource needs.

The starting goal of every player should be to build a space elevator. The main highlight of Satisfactory is its amazing factory building mechanics in a First-Person view. A unique thing about Satisfactory is that unlike other sandbox video games, Satisfactory’s world is actually pre-generated. This means that every single player’s map is identical to other players. Even in the beginning, the player has four different locations to start from.


These were the top 5 games that play out like Factorio. Each one of them will give players an exhilarating experience. None of the games are better than the other, rather we would suggest you pick the one that is up to your taste.

But if we were to suggest a video game, we’d recommend you to start with either Satisfactory or Starbound. Satisfactory might be a little bit demanding, but the game itself has a plot that is very similar to Factorio. Even a few aspects of the game are alike, but the gameplay itself is completely different which will help give you both a similar and unique experience.

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