3 Ways To Fix Essence Of Pure Spirit Not Dropping In WoW

essence of pure spirit not dropping WoW
essence of pure spirit not dropping WoW

Quest items are a unique type of items that are only dropped during a specific quest. Normally, these items don’t have much of a use. In fact, the only use that these items mostly have is during the quest itself.

How to Fix Essence of Pure Spirits Not Dropping in WoW?

The Essence of Pure Spirit is one of the many quest items that you will get during the quest “A New Invention”. The item is dropped from the Seabound Mystic. Weirdly enough, players have been reporting that the Essence of Pure Spirits is not dropping in WoW.

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This is why today; we will be exploring the issue in detail. We will be taking a look at all the different ways on how you can fix this issue. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started right away!

  1. They Are Usually in a Rotation

The reason why you aren’t able to find any Seabound Mystic and get the item dropped is simply that they aren’t available all the time. As a matter of fact, they are usually in a rotation that changes with time.

Hence, if you want to encounter one, you will have to physically go and check every hour to see if any one of them has spawned or not. It usually takes a bit of time before the player can successfully be able to find them.

  1. Server Hopping

Server hopping is a famous technique that is used in situations like these. Just as the name suggests, the player has to hop from servers to servers in order to find Seabound Mystic at a quicker pace. This is effective in particular if you are having trouble with waiting for the rotation to swap.

This way, you will be able to find a server that currently has one spawned in its rotation. In WoW, server hopping is more commonly known as realm hopping. You can install the Serverhop addon, which should do most of the work for you in finding the best server where they are currently spawned.

  1. Use Wowhead

Wowhead is the biggest information site that can be used to gather different guides, information, and news about what’s been going on in WoW. We recommend you try using Wowhead for figuring out the time and weather when Seabound Mystic will spawn in your realm.

This way, you should have a much easier time locating one, as you should be able to learn of its time and location.

The Bottom Line

Is the Essence of Pure Spirit not dropping in WoW? Simply follow all the guidelines that are mentioned in the article in order to troubleshoot the issue. Ensure that you give the article a thorough read so that you don’t miss out on any important detail.

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