Dragon Ball Xenoverse How To Restart Story Mode?

dragon ball xenoverse restart story mode
dragon ball xenoverse restart story mode

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is an RPG where you have to fight battles in different timelines to manage the time nest. However, players did mention that there are a ton of bugs in this game. So, if you’ve not bought the game yet then it would be better if you bought Xenoverse 2 to avoid all the bugs in Xenoverse 1.

After players finish leveling up the first character, they will look towards making another character to play the game with. However, this new character will have all the abilities of your main character. Let’s discuss if players can restart story mode from scratch in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Restart Story Mode:

If you want to delete everything and restart the story mode then that can be done by deleting the save file from the user data folder. Specifically, you will need to delete the DBXV.sv file on your PC and that will reset everything. You won’t be able to access any of the old user data and can restart the game from the beginning.

That means none of your characters or items will be in the game after your delete the save file for your game.  This time around you can make a different character to level up in the Xenoverse.

You will also need to ensure that the cloud sync is turned off in the steam settings. Otherwise, the Steam client will download the saved files for Xenoverse again and your progress will continue from where you were. So, just turn off the cloud sync feature and then delete the save file for your game.

Then launch Xenoverse once to create a new save file on your PC. then you can turn the cloud sync feature on again. Now, when you launch the game, make sure to upload the files on your PC to the cloud server. That will help you restart the story mode.

But if you just want to replay a few missions then that can be done quite easily by using the time nest. That way you won’t have to grind from the beginning and can go through the same mission several times with your character.

Also, the majority of the player base appreciates the fact that all of the abilities of the main character are transferred to your other character. However, if you don’t want the abilities to be transferred and want to start from the beginning then you will need to remove the saved file from your PC.

To Conclude

Players can restart the story mode in Dragon Ball Xenoverse by deleting the save file on their PC. This file will be named DBXV.sv and you can find it in your user data folder. Before deleting the file make sure to turn off the cloud sync feature in the Steam client.

Then you can delete the folder and upload local files to the cloud server. That way you can restart story mode in Dragon Ball Xenoverse without any issue. If you’re still confused then you can refer to the Steam community forums for more details.

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