3 Ways To Fix Paragons of The Klaxxi Not Coming Down WoW

paragons of the klaxxi not coming down WoW
paragons of the klaxxi not coming down WoW

The gaming industry has been on an uptrend for the past two decades. It has provided countless jobs from commentators to professional players. You can play solo story-based games or enjoy online matches with your friends which can be quite addictive.

Currently, it is the prime source of entertainment for most people. However, boomers are still having a hard time accepting this change. They would rather watch traditional sports and often mock people who enjoy eSports. World of Warcraft is a famous MMORPG that was launched by blizzard in 2004 and has captured the attention of a lot of gamers worldwide.

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Paragons of The Klaxxi Not Coming Down WoW

The 13th boss encounter in the siege of orgrimmar is “Paragons of The Klaxxi”. In this boss encounter, you have to kill 9 bosses. You start the encounter with 3 bosses spawned and then when you kill one of the bosses another one spawns in its place. Each boss has different abilities and should be dealt with accordingly. A lot of people have encountered a bug where Paragons of the klaxxi are not coming down. Here is a list of a few fixes that might work for you.

1. Wait for the dialogue to end before destroying the amber

Before starting the encounter, you will notice an amber appear in the middle of the arena. Clicking the amber starts the fight with the bosses. If you do not wait for the bosses to finish their dialogue and click the amber right away you will almost definitely experience this bug. So, make sure that the bosses have finished saying their lines and then start the fight by clicking the amber.

2. You are killing the bosses too fast

If you are killing the bosses too fast then you might run into this bug. For example, if you kill 2 bosses before another one has spawned then it bugs the fight. At which point you will have to start over from the beginning. Try to kill the bosses one by one and not burst two bosses at once. Whenever the boss spawns it replenishes the health of the previous bosses to full health.

3. Killing the bosses in order

If the above-mentioned fixes do not work then your best bet will be to follow this order while defeating the bosses. Start by killing Rik’kal and then Skeer, Korven, Iyyokuk, Xaril, Kaz’tik after this you can kill whichever one you like. This will not only solve the bug for you but following this order is the most effective way of dealing with this boss encounter.

For most of the people just waiting for the dialogue to finish solved the problem of paragons of the klaxxi not coming down. Sometimes the amber appears even before all 3 bosses have finished spawning and the player initiates the fight. So, you should stand near the doors and wait. If only 2 bosses have spawned then you need to either reset the encounter or wait for the 3rd one to spawn. This will most probably fix the bug and you will have an issue-free encounter.

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