Can Alliance Play With Horde? (Answered)

can alliance play with horde wow
can alliance play with horde wow

Horde is one of the major political factions present in WoW Azeroth. The direct counterpart to the Horde is the Alliance. Both of them are factions in the game that can be played as by the player.

Can an Alliance Play with Horde?

There is no denying that both Alliance and Horde are crucial factions in the game, especially in PVP. Players seem to enjoy playing as both of them, as they come with their own perks. This has also raised the question among the community whether it is even possible whether they can use both of them on the very same server.

“Can Alliance play with Horde on one realm?” is a question that we have seen in the WoW community a bit too many times. This is why today; we will be taking the time to answer the question ourselves. So, do make sure that you keep on reading the article to find out!

Is It Really Possible?

If you are here simply for the short answer, then we’re afraid the answer is both a yes and no. The real problem comes with a PVP server. However, if you are playing on a PVE server, then yes, you can definitely play both of them on the same realm.

There’s a big reason to why you can play both of them on a PVE server. If the players weren’t allowed to play both of the factions on the same realm, then there wouldn’t be any point to the auction houses that can be found in the Goblin Cities.

Why Is It Not Allowed in PVP Server?

Just as we have mentioned how pure PVE server could support the feature of both these factions playing together, there’s also a good reason to why it isn’t allowed in most PVP servers.

The biggest problem that comes on PVP servers is balancing. If both the factions were allowed to play together, then there would have been plenty of weird balancing issues that couldn’t be fixed. For instance, if there’s an opponent that you don’t usually like to attack, you could do so using the opposite faction and get an easy win. The same can be said for your opponents.

Unfortunately, having both the factions in a PVP server simply isn’t possible. Before you are about to join a realm or server, it is important that you check the rules. Doing it in a PVE server shouldn’t be a problem. However, if it’s a PVP server, then there’s a high chance that it isn’t possible on it.

The Bottom Line

Can Alliance play with Horde on the same server? The answer to the question purely depends on the server that you have joined. For more details, we highly suggest that you refer to the article.

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