4 Ways To Fix Corsair Void Mic Quiet

corsair void mic quiet
corsair void mic quiet

The wireless headset from corsair is known for its sound quality. You don’t have to go through cable management and it allows users to move freely. Usually, the main issue with the headset is that the cable gets damaged and users have to buy cable replacements frequently. But you won’t have to worry about any cable replacement while using a wireless headset.

Even though Corsair ensures that users don’t face any issues with the Corsair Void, users have mentioned the mic being too quiet.

Usually, it is because of the in-app settings that have not been calibrated properly. Anyhow, if your friends keep complaining about your mic being too quiet then follow these steps.

How to Fix Corsair Void Mic Quiet?

  1. Check Calibration

Users complain about the microphone being too quiet while using the headset with applications like Discord, TeamSpeak, or Skype. In these applications, users have the option of calibrating the microphone to make it easier for the headset to pick up your voice.

Unfortunately, even if you have set up the microphone settings on the windows but don’t calibrate them on your communication application then you will keep running into mic issues.

To get your microphone to start working again you will need to open up the communication application that you’re using. Then access the application settings and go to the voice input tab. From there you will find an option to test the microphone and change the sensitivity.

Bring down the sensitivity levels and then test the microphone at different ranges. Once the sound is perfect, save the settings and that should get your microphone to start working.

  1. Try EqulaizerAPO

One sure-fire way to get around the issue of your headset microphone being too quiet is to download a third-party equalizer software and then boost up the microphone volume after you’ve installed the program. You can search the program on google and then download it from the Source Forge web. The file size isn’t too large and it will take only a couple of minutes to download.

After that, as you’re installing the program it will ask you about the device that you want to configure using the equalizer. From the selection tab, you will need to choose the Corsair Void pro and then proceed with the installation process. After installation, the program will ask you to reboot the PC. Then you can just access the configuration text file in the program and pump up the microphone volume. Make sure no to exceed the recommended limit or your microphone will become unresponsive.

  1. DVD Quality

A method to fix the microphone that was recommended by members of the support team was to change the quality to DVD from the microphone settings. You can do so by going into the sound settings using the control panel. From there just access the void device and go to advanced settings.

There you will find the quality option that you can switch to DVD mode and then save the settings. Exit out of the configuration tab and then open up discord to test your microphone.

  1. Faulty Circuit

If the 3rd party application is still not letting you fix the microphone problem, then we believe that your headset has hardware issues. Which is the reason why even the equalizer is not able to get the microphone to work properly.

You will need to ask support members about this issue for confirmation. If the microphone is still not responding as you need then you have no choice left but to repair the headset or replace it altogether. For users that have a valid warranty available, you can just forward a claim and that should get the problem sorted out for you.

However, if you bought the Void long ago and don’t have a warranty available then the best option left for you is to take the headset to a repair shop. A technician will take a look at your device and you’ll be saving a lot of money if he can get the microphone working again.

You also have the option of buying a spare microphone off Amazon if you don’t want to get a new headset. Most often than not you won’t have to replace the headset at all and the equalizer will fix the issue.

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