4 Ways To Fix Corsair Glaive Side Buttons Not Working

corsair glaive side buttons not working
corsair glaive side buttons not working

Corsair is a brand that all gaming enthusiasts are familiar with or those that game on PC at the very least. The brand has earned a lot of popularity over the years and is easily one of the most trusted ones around now when it comes to gaming peripherals.

They have a variety of great products that are worth buying for different reasons, including their different gaming mice which are loaded with all kinds of customization options and features. One of the many products when it comes to gaming mice specifically is the Corsair Glaive.

This highly popular device is one that’s great for a number of different reasons. Not only does it have a lot of different customization options thanks to the iCUE application, but it is also equipped with side buttons that provide additional use to players while playing games or for general usage.

But these side buttons are only as great as advertised when they work properly. That said, in the case that the Corsair Glaive side buttons are not working, try out some of the fixes that are listed below.

How to Fix Corsair Glaive Side Buttons Not Working?

  1. Unplug and Restart

A very simple solution that we recommend trying out before all other solutions is to simply unplug the mouse from the computer. After unplugging it, simply wait for a few seconds before you plug it back in. Now try to use the Corsair Glaive with any game or program to see if the side buttons are working properly. If they are, then the problem is fixed.

However, if they aren’t, then you could try an alternative method for this same solution. This alternative method requires users to simply unplug their Corsair Glaive as previously mentioned and then turn off the computer. Now plug it back in and then restart the computer once more. Once it turns backs on, try to use it with an application to see if the side buttons are fully functional or not.

  1. Turn off iCUE

One other temporary solution to try and turn off Corsair’s iCUE program. This is something that can very easily be done with the help of the Window’s task manager. Simply open said task manager and then end all processes related to iCUE.

Now just open up any game or other program where the Corsair Glaive’s side buttons can be used and check to see if they’re working. If they are, then there are a couple of specific things that could potentially be causing this problem. For a permanent solution based on this, try out the other two fixes given below.

  1. Delete Macros

There could be something wrong with the macros that users created for the Corsair Glaive which is causing the side buttons not to work as they should. That’s potentially a reason why said buttons start working perfectly whenever iCUE is closed. Luckily this is something that can be fixed very easily, as all users have to do is delete their macros.

This is something that can easily be done by going to the iCUE application and into the menu where all the macros are set up. Inside of this menu, there should be an option that allows users to revert the mouse back to its old state and get rid of all current macros implemented on it. Find this option and use it to clear them all. Now try to use the side buttons to see if they work, as they should.

  1. Retain Original Key Output

The other helpful solution in the scenario that the side buttons are working when iCUE is off is to retain the original key output of the Corsair Glaive. This is also something that can be done in a few simple steps through the iCUE application, much like the previously listed solution involving the macros.

Go into the action list items for the side buttons and then select the advanced options. From these advanced options, enable the one that says “retain original key output”. Keep in mind that this is a fix especially for all those that are using iCUE in advanced mode.

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