5 Ways To Fix Corsair Link Not Detecting H100i V2

corsair link not detecting h100i v2
corsair link not detecting h100i v2

The Corsair Link is a device that allows users to monitor their PC components using the Link application. If you have a Corsair Link device installed on your PC then you will be able to plug different components like your PC fans into it, which will make it easier to manage the fan speed and other effects related to the component that you have plugged into the Corsair Link.

One of the components that you can use with the Corsair Link is the H100i v2 liquid cooler for your CPU. But if you can’t get it to show up on the Link app even after connecting it with the Corsair Link device then you should try these steps.

How to Fix Corsair Link Not Detecting H100i V2?

  1. Try Another Version

According to most users, the problem with Corsair Link not detecting the H100i v2 was sorted out by switching to an older version of the Corsair Link. There have been cases when a specific version of Corsair Link won’t work with the H100i v2. So, we recommend that you ask Corsair to provide you with a download link of the older version of Corsair Link. Install the older version and then check if H100i v2 is showing up on your Corsair Link.

You also have the option of using 3rd party web pages to download older versions of Corsair Link. So, if you don’t want to contact support then you can directly get the link by going to 3rd party sites. But there is also a lot of trojan programs available on these websites that can affect the performance of your PC. That is why you should always check the credibility of a certain website before downloading any file.

  1. Change Header

With the H100i v2, you will get the mini-USB cable that has to be connected to a motherboard header. If the device is not being detected at the moment, then you can just change the header, the USB cable is connected. That way you’ll eliminate the possibility of using a fault header with your liquid cooler. At this point, you should be able to get Corsair Link to detect the liquid cooler.

Sometimes headers can also be disabled from the BIOS settings, which is why any device connected to them won’t show up in your computer applications. You can verify this by going into the windows BIOS settings and check the status of headers on your motherboard. Make sure that all the headers are enabled.

  1. Check Device Manager

If the liquid cooler is still not showing up then you can check the device manager to see if there are any unknown USB devices connected to your PC. Ideally, you should find the USBXp driver in the device manager. They will be located in the USB controller option in the device manager. If you see an exclamation mark next to the driver then you should uninstall it.

Right-click the USBXp driver and remove it from the computer, a pop-up will also recommend you to remove the remaining drive files on your system. After removing the driver, reboot the PC and then open up the Corsair Link application. The H100i V2 should start showing up at this point.

  1. Install Cooler Again

If the Link is still not picking up your H100i v2 then you should try removing the cooler and installing it again on your system. Get help from a friend or a YouTube video to install the cooler properly. Make sure that the USB connections are in their proper place and once everything is in place, boot up the system. Hopefully, the device will start showing up on the Corsair Link and you will be able to manage the fan speed and other configurations.

  1. Customer Support

If the problem persists then you need to ask customer support for guidance. Go to the support section on the Corsair website and report the issue. Someone from the customer support team will contact you shortly with a list of possible fixes that can help your H100i v2 detected by Corsair Link. Make sure to inform them about different steps you have tried till now that have not worked out for you.

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