7 Ways To Fix Corsair Void Pro No Sound

corsair void pro no sound
corsair void pro no sound

A wireless headset provides so much more convenience when compared to other wired variants. But it is quite hard to find a good wireless headset in the mid-price range. For the majority of wireless headsets either the sound quality is bad or they are too expensive. Luckily, you can buy the Corsair Void for around a 100-dollar price range. Compared to other wireless headsets the price is very reasonable.

The Corsair Void has a beautiful design and there are different presets that you can choose from. If for some reason your Corsair Void has no sound output then you should try the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

How to Fix Corsair Void Pro No Sound?

  1. Playback Options

If you are using the headset with your computer for the first time then the likely cause of this error is that you have not set the Corsair Void as the default playback device. This is why you aren’t able to hear any audio output coming from the headset. Luckily, you can get the audio output by going into your sound settings and then selecting Corsair Void from the list of playback devices. That should get the audio output working on your wireless headset.

Checking the volume mixer can also be a worthwhile solution. Maybe you have turned down the audio on some specific applications and that is why there is no audio coming from your headset. You can easily verify this by right-clicking on the speaker icon on the right side of your taskbar. Then select the volume mixer and pump up the audio levels to the max for every application. Try playing audio to check if the headset has started working.

  1. Charge Status

Some users have reported an issue with the headset where it will stop playing audio as soon as the battery levels fall below a specific point. Maybe you’re having the same issue with your headset and to get it fixed you will need to fully charge the headset. Also, ensure that your charging cable is not faulty and Corsair Void can draw charge from the outlet properly. Otherwise, the headset will keep running into audio output issues. That is why we recommend that you try using another cable if Corsair Void is not charging properly.

  1. Check Dongle

Sometimes the fix can be as simple as reconnecting the dongle to your computer. But if that does not seem to fix the problem for you then you should try resetting the link between the dongle and the headset. You will need a paper clip to reset the USB dongle and that will likely get the audio to start working again.

Start by turning off your headset and then use the paper clip on the reset button located on the USB dongle. The LED indicator will change and when you have it in pairing mode, it will start to flash rapidly. At this stage, you need to just hold the power button on your Corsair Void and it should inform you that the link has been established. Now you can connect the headset with the PC and hopefully, you’ll get audio output from the Corsair Void.

You can find the reset hole on the dongle on the front part of the dongle. Make sure to follow each step carefully or you might have to buy another dongle if you can’t get the dongle to reconnect to your headset. So, make sure to consult an expert before re-linking the connection between the headset and the USB dongle connected to the system.

  1. Check Drivers

According to Corsair support, you will need to disable the USB selective suspend feature if you’re trying to use the headset on a laptop. The selective suspend feature is known to cause similar issues where the port connection will be turned off and you won’t be able to hear any audio from your Corsair Void. To disable this feature, you need to go into your hardware and sound settings using the control panel. From there access the power option and you will find the USB selective suspend feature. Disable it and then save the settings to get your headset fixed.

If you are on a desktop system then we recommend that you either try updating the USB drivers or reinstalling them altogether. You can do so by using the device manager and once you have removed the drivers just reboot the PC. The windows will automatically install the relevant drivers and then you can try connecting the Corsair Void headset again to check if you’re getting any audio output from them.

  1. Reinstall GeForce Experience

Some users were able to get the problem fixed by reinstalling the Nvidia drivers on the PC. So, if your headset is still not giving you any sound then you should also try this method. You can remove the Nvidia GeForce from the program settings in the control panel. Other methods are also available that can help you completely remove the GeForce experience from your PC. After removing the GeForce experience successfully, you can reboot the PC and then install a new version by going to the GeForce website.

  1. Headset Configurations

Another method that can potentially get your audio to start working is disabling the special effect feature from the headset properties. You can still use the equalizer and disabling the special effects won’t reduce the sound quality of your headset. The minor tweaks in the sound quality can be made using the equalizer and you can personalize the audio once the headset starts to work. You can also try resetting the headset configurations and then check the audio output.

  1. Ask Support

If the headset is still not giving you any sound, then there is some possibility of hardware issues with the headset. Try connecting the Corsair Void with another PC to confirm this suspicion. You can also contact the support team regarding your issue. They will guide you through different steps that can prove to be very effective. So, just tell them details about your headset and PC and wait for them to reply.

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