Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Is Not Turning On? (4 Troubleshooting Tips)

corsair dark core rgb pro not turning on
corsair dark core rgb pro not turning on

Having your mouse not turn on for some reason can be quite concerning. In this regard, we have seen a couple of users mention how their Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is not turning on.

While there can be many reasons why this may happen, it is crucial to try all the possible ways you can troubleshoot your mouse. However, if you aren’t aware of how you are supposed to do this, then this article should be of great help to you! Here are the steps that you will need for troubleshooting this problem:

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Not Turning On Fix

1. Faulty Firmware

Most of the time, whenever you are facing issues with your mouse not turning on but getting detected as some unknown device on the PC, it is because of faulty firmware. This usually occurs when a firmware update process is disrupted in the middle.

To fix this, you will have to ask Corsair for sending you an updated firmware file for the mouse. Once they do, you will need to manually update the firmware of the mouse. Feel free to ask Corsair’s support for learning how you are supposed to update the firmware if you don’t know about the process.

2. Reset Your Mouse

If you are able to, we highly recommend that you try resetting your device. For resetting a Corsair Dark Core, you will need to first turn the power switch on your mouse to the OFF position. Once you do this, try holding down both the Back and Forward side buttons found on the mouse.

While you have these buttons held down, turn on your mouse after which the reset should have successfully taken place.

3. Ensuring the Connection

It could be that your mouse isn’t able to properly connect to your PC which is why it isn’t turning on. If that is the case, then you will have to ensure the connection. Be sure to use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mode for connecting your mouse.

4. Power Issue

Lastly, it could be that your mouse is not getting the required power for operating. If you are running the mouse wirelessly, make sure that the batteries are charged. If not, then you will have to get these replaced with working ones.

The Bottom Line:

Worried about your Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro not turning on? The first thing that you should do if you are experiencing this issue is to make sure that you have the correct firmware installed. As this mostly happens because of faulty firmware, you can get the firmware file directly from Corsair’s support. Though if none of these solutions help, then we recommend keeping in touch with the support team for help.

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