Corsair SP vs Corsair AF- Which One’s Better?

corsair sp vs af
corsair sp vs af

Contrary to what most gamers believe, it is not always best to only look at the fan size and speed to manage the airflow in your PC. There are different things you need to look at to optimize the flow of air in your PC. The size and speed are still relevant but the fan design is one of the most crucial elements that you need to look at while buying a PC fan.

This article is meant for gamers who are not familiar with the two major fan designs, and how they can affect the performance of your PC. So, let us go over the features of Corsair SP and AF fans.

Corsair SP vs Corsair AF

Corsair SP

The Corsair SP fans or Static pressure fans are supposed to be used where you need to push air through small spaces. Usually, they are attached to heat sync as you will need a strong air pressure to pump the air between the small spaces in the metal plates. These fans don’t focus too much on increasing the amount of airflow but rather the pressure at which air is flowing through your rig. Ideally, you will find these fans only attached to heat sync and not the PC case itself.

The primary difference between the AF and SP fans is the fan design. You will notice the fan blades on Corsair SP fans are a bit wider with smaller spaces in between the blades. That allows the PC fan to create air pressure and pump it through the small spaces in your gaming rig. In the Corsair SP series, you can also replace the colored ring around the PC fan to match the theme of your PC.

As mentioned before this fan works best when attached to a radiator to push air through the small holes. These fans are not the quietest and you will often see other gamers complain about the noise coming from their static pressure PC fans. But if you are only looking for performance then these will be the perfect fit for you. Then can help you manage the temps inside your system more effectively as more air will be pushed through isolated components of the system.

Build quality-wise, there are not many brands that can compete with the Corsair SP series and if you are looking for a static pressure fan then you should go for Corsair. You are sure to get the desired performance without having to try out other off-brand fans with your PC radiator.

Corsair AF

The Corsair AF fans are designed to provide the maximum amount of airflow possible. The only function of these fans is to increase the amount of air flowing through your rig. The pressure aspect isn’t focused on that much if you’re using the Corsair AF fans. These are relatively common as most gamers don’t know the difference between AF and SP fans, and they will look at higher airflow to make their choice.

In the Corsair AF fans, you will find that the number of blades is generally higher and there is a bit of gap between the fan blades to maximize the flow of air through your system. These types of fans are generally used with the gaming case when there nothing blocking the flow of air through the fan. But if you have an air filter or are using a PC case with isolated spaces inside then using an SP fan might be a better option.

The Corsair AF fans have a noise-dampening feature that can significantly minimize the noise coming from the fans. Using rubber on the fixture at the edge of the fans allows vibration to be absorbed and it doesn’t get passed to your PC case. All the noise is dampened with the help of rubber padding and you don’t get annoyed with your PC fans buzzing. These fans will be perfect for you if you have a large PC case with nothing blocking the fans to pump air through the system.

Both SP and AF fans can be a viable option depending upon your PC requirement. If you need more air pressure then buy SP fans but if you’re looking for more airflow then you can choose AF fans to maximize the amount of air going through your gaming rig.

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