4 Ways To Fix Chroma Apps Not Showing

chroma apps not showing
chroma apps not showing

Razer Synapse is a pretty handy application for anyone that owns peripherals created and retailed by the brand. It allows users to change their settings and layouts, while also allowing them to do a number of other great things with them. But it can also do much more than just this.

While the app might not have had a lot of different features back when it was first released, this has certainly changed over the course of many updates. One of the many different things added to it was Chroma apps. Lots of people interested in Razer devices are no doubt familiar with exactly what Chroma is.

But for those that aren’t, it is simply a beautiful visualization effect found in a lot of Razer’s products which have built-in lighting. Chroma apps allow you to manage all of these different devices supported by this feature that you may own, while also providing you the option to manage all kinds of different games that you play.

But this is only possible if Chroma apps recognize all the different software you have stored. If it isn’t showing Chroma apps is not showing any applications, try the solutions we’ve listed below.

How to Fix Chroma Apps Not Showing?

  1. Restart Chroma Apps

If you’ve only just added an application to Chroma apps but it won’t show up, there’s nothing to worry about as this is a very common occurrence that is very easily fixable. All you need to do is go to the task manage and ensure that Synapse and Chroma apps both aren’t running at all. Once this is done, restart them both and go back to the applications menu.

Once they do all of this, the software should’ve recognized any new application that players had tried adding to Chroma apps. If this didn’t work, a similar solution would be to restart the computer itself and then turn on the software to see if it is showing the correct programs this time around.

If simply restarting the software wasn’t enough, this should do the trick. Even if it doesn’t, consider trying out the other fixes mentioned below.

  1. Make Sure Synapse is Running

While this may sound like a painfully obvious suggestion, it is one that has helped a lot of players. If users have made sure their Synapse application is completely up to date and so is the Chroma apps aspect of it, the next recommended option is making sure that Synapse is running comfortably without any intrusions in the background.

While doing this, make sure all applications that you’re trying to use with Chroma apps are enabled from the app section in Synapse.

  1. Check for Synapse Update

As the title given to this solution suggests, use your browser or whatever other means that you might have to check whether or not there’s a newer version of Synapse available to try out. Using outdated versions causes many problems, which is exactly why doing so should be avoided at all times.

Synapse and other Razer-related software do usually warn users about every newer version that is available once it is released, but it is easy to miss these messages from the programs at times.

Missing these messages eventually results in using outdated versions of Synapse, which is what can cause this problem. The solution would be to simply go to any official website affiliated with Razer and checking to see if there are newer versions for the program available.

If there aren’t, then move on to the next solution. However, if they are, then install them. Now go back to the Chroma apps menu to see if all the different software is showing up as it is supposed to.

  1. Uninstall Chroma SDK and Synapse

If all else failed to work, you could try one of the easiest and most effective solutions by simply uninstalling both Synapse and Chroma SDK from your device through Windows settings.

This includes absolutely any single file related to either program as well, as all of them need to be removed for the solution to work. Once this is done, just reinstall their latest version and Chroma apps should start showing your desired programs.

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