4 Ways To Fix Razer Naga Buttons Not Working

razer naga buttons not working
razer naga buttons not working

The Razer Naga is a series of gaming peripherals by Razer which has become quite popular ever since it was initially released. It consists pretty much entirely of gaming mice, all of which have similar designs but very noticeable differences in other aspects. This provides each of them with a unique feeling, making every new device in the Razer Naga in series one worth trying.

Along with the traditional 3-4 buttons that most mice feature, these Razer Naga gaming mice have lots of extra ones located on the side as well. Each of these extra buttons can be assigned to do a number of different things. This is very helpful while playing video games and doing some other things as well.

But making the most out of these buttons on the Razer Naga is only possible if they work. If you’re one of the users facing problems with them, here are some solutions that should get things rolling again.

Razer Naga Buttons Not Working

  1. Install/Update the Required Drivers

If you’ve got a Razer Naga mouse only recently, you won’t be able to make full use out of all the extra buttons on it right from the start. Users will actually have to install necessary drivers first before this is possible.

These can be easily downloaded free of any cost from the official Razer website, and other places as well. All you need is your browser and a quick internet search for the drivers of the specific Razer Naga version you own. Once you search this, you’ll find all of the results you need.

Alternatively, try making sure there aren’t any updates available for the drivers you’re using if you’ve already got them installed. Outdated drivers cause many problems with peripherals, and could potentially be the reason why your Razer Naga’s buttons are not working the way they’re supposed to be working. Checking for updates is also possible through a user’s internet browser.

  1. Disable the Apps Feature

This solution is specifically meant for anyone and everyone that only encounters problems with the Razer Naga’s buttons when they play games. The Razer Synapse application has all kinds of different features which can be used to change the layout of certain devices. There is even a feature that allows users to change the layout and mouse settings. This specific feature is known as the Apps feature.

It could be you’re only encountering while playing video games because there is a certain profile being loaded for all the different games you’re playing that prevents the extra buttons on the Razer Naga from working. If the feature is disabled, the profile won’t load and you won’t face any problem of the sort.

  1. Clear Integrated Memories

A similar fix to the last one is to clear any and all of the integrated memories in the Synapse application. These memories are stored by the application for a number of different reasons, and can sometimes be helpful. However, they aren’t anything too important, meaning that deleting them completely will do absolutely no harm to a user’s Razer devices or their experience with them.

Go to the Synapse application and find your way to the main menu of the software. Over here, users will be able to see three dots. Click on these and then click on the specific option titled integrated memory.

Once they click on this, users will be taken to a menu where they’ll be presented with further options. Click the one which allows you to clear integrated memories and then close the app. Now the Razer Naga buttons should work.

  1. Remove and Reattach the Side Panel

It is plausible that the Razer Naga’s buttons are not working because there’s something wrong with the side panel where said buttons are located. Carefully remove this side panel using any tools you have at your disposal. Now clean the exposed panel thoroughly, but gently so that nothing is damaged. Once this is done, reattach the side panel properly. Now try using the side buttons of the Razer Naga, which should be working perfectly after this.

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  1. How about fixing the problem of Synapse 2.0 software not allwing your middle button to be assigned middle button. All MMO 2014 and earlier devices are forced to set it as double-click or mouse button 4. Mouse button 3 is gone for scroll-click which a lot of software can not use. Vey handy for MMOs, WarGaming games, throwing grenade, heavy melee hit, mutliple things. With it set as MB4 tends to take a couple hits for it to recognise it.

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