What are Razer Cortex Launch Parameters?

razer cortex launch parameters
razer cortex launch parameters

Razer Cortex is software available for computers that serves a number of different purposes. One of the main goals of the app is to clear up space in the main memory of a device. This results in much smoother execution of commands as well as much smoother gameplay and increased FPS for those that play games.

But there are other uses as well. For example, there is the Cortex launcher that allows users to run their games. This launcher is a bit different from some of the others that players might be using.

One reason for this is the launch parameters which can be set by the users themselves. We’ll be discussing these Razer Cortex launch parameters below.

What are Razer Cortex Launch Parameters?

Razer Cortex has all kinds of different settings for users to make the very most out of. There are all kinds of different features too, some of which we have already discussed, including the launch parameters.

Many of the people that use Cortex to launch their games have heard of these parameters, but not everyone is sure of what they are to be exact.

If you’re interested in learning about these parameters, all you need to know is that they are one of many different “preferences” that Razer Cortex allows you to make the very most out of.

Whenever you launch a game using the software, there are certain preferences of the player which can be input. The title you’re trying to launch through Cortex will then follow these preferences and run according to them.

There are certain parameters that are already set by Razer Cortex to ensure better performances while a user’s computer runs a game. However, there are some others that can automatically be set by the player. If they know how to make the most out of these, users can do all sorts of different things with Razer Cortex’s launch parameters.

How to Use Razer Cortex Launch Parameters?

To set these launch parameters and use them to your advantage, the first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Razer Cortex app. Now go to the launch menu, where users can find their library of games that they usually launch through the software.

Over here, go to the specific game that you’re trying to change the launch parameters of. There will be an option here that should allow players to edit all kinds of different settings regarding this specific game. Click on this option.

You’ll now find yourself presented with a bunch of different choices. Click on the one titled launch parameters, or anything else that might be related to it. Once users click on this, they’ll be presented with the option to make all kinds of different changes as they please.

After this, everything is up to you and the way that you wish to launch games, as there are many parameters that can be set for specific results.

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