Chi Torpedo vs Celerity- Which One’s Better?

chi torpedo vs celerity WoW
chi torpedo vs celerity WoW

Something that every World of Warcraft player obviously knows by now is that there are lots of different character types to create. All of these different character types have their own unique talents and abilities that can completely shift the momentum towards a specific player’s advantage if used properly.

One of many character types in the game is the monk, which has lots of different great spells and abilities which are completely exclusive to it. Two of these spells which are somewhat similar but completely different at the same time are the Chi Torpedo and Celerity. We’ll be comparing the key differences between both of these down below.

Chi Torpedo Vs Celerity


In terms of overall movement, it must be said that the Chi Torpedo is technically much better than Celerity. Celerity is a spell that directly affects the rollability of your monk character. It reduces the cooldown of the said roll by exactly 5 seconds, and even adds an additional charge which means that you can roll one more time. This is very helpful, but it is completely outshined by the Chi Torpedo when you compare their movement effects.

A roll only pushes you forward a short distance, and will only get your character so far even if you use all of the multiple charges in quick succession. On the other hand, the Chi Torpedo can immediately push you forward a long distance with a single-use, and even increases your monk character’s movement speed by exactly 30%. This boost lasts for 10 seconds, and can even be stacked 2 times.


One thing which gives Celerity an advantage over Chi Torpedo is the fact that it won’t aggro your enemies. If you use the torpedo through multiple enemies, it will aggro them and cause them to attack more ferociously, with said attacks mainly being focused on you. This is usually more harmful than good.

Celerity on the other hand only affects the cooldown of the roll and increases its charge. It doesn’t bring any change in its effects. As the roll doesn’t cause aggro, this means that using Celerity with it also won’t cause the effect to occur. This is why some people tend to use this instead of Chi Torpedo when intending to fight multiple hordes of enemies at once.

Overall Usage

Both have their own great uses which make them desirable spells to have on your side. You’ll find that a lot of people will prefer to use Chi Torpedo, as it offers greater movement. However, you also need to take into consideration that a sudden push forward towards a long distance can sometimes get you into trouble.

In this aspect, the roll mixed with Celerity is advantageous as it is more controllable. But once you get used to Chi Torpedo’s usage, it must be said that it’s the better option out of the two. This is the case whether you’re engaging in PvE or PvE.

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