The Best Way to Get and Spend Gems in Golf Clash

Gems are the most helpful thing in all of Golf Clash. They are the game’s premium currency and it simply isn’t possible to compete in the higher levels of the game without them. They are used to buy the best balls and legendary cues from the in-game store. You won’t be able to compete with … Read more

The Best Clubs for Each Tour in Golf Clash

Here is a guide showcasing the best clubs for each tour from 1-11 in golf clash. You can use this guide to learn more about the clubs you should use if you’re struggling with the first 11 tours in Golf Clash. There are also some other helpful details given to help you clear all the … Read more

Golf Clash Upcoming Oasis Tournament

Golf clash features exciting tournament pretty often. Players can take part in these tournaments and win various prizes. They can also win new banners for their profile. Before taking part in any tournament, a player must be well prepared. This is why knowing about any upcoming tournaments beforehand is very important. We’ve also added some … Read more

How To Get Perfect Shot Every Time in Golf Clash?

In Golf Clash, a player needs to adjust plenty of stuff before he can make a shot. For instance, he will have to adjust the hit according to the wind and sometimes hit a curling ball. Even with all the adjustments, players still miss hitting the perfect shot by a mile. As a result, they … Read more

Golf Clash: Wind Chart Complete Guide

Because of wind, making a shot in Golf Clash is a lot harder. The wind is one of the only game mechanics that provides a certain amount of challenge to the player. Once the player hits a shot, the wind will mess around with the ball. If the player does not know anything about how … Read more

Best Clubs in Golf Clash (With Upgrade Guide)

A player’s skill is always important, but getting a better golf club could make him even better in Golf Clash. Many players don’t have much idea about golf clubs. They waste most of their resources on upgrading a golf club which then turns out to be terrible. This is where this guide comes in. We … Read more