Reasons and Solutions for Blizzard Streaming Not Working with WoW

blizzard streaming not working wow
blizzard streaming not working wow

Tactical MMO games like World of Warcraft are huge when it comes down to the Esports scene. They are also very popular outside of the competitive scene as well, with many players all around the world watching WoW streams not related to Esports. You’ll find that lots of streamers on all of the most popular platforms widely play World of Warcraft even today.

To make things easier for them, Blizzard announced a new feature which was known by the name of Blizzard Streaming, and it worked with all games that were launched through This obviously includes World of Warcraft as well.

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What is Blizzard Streaming?

As you can likely guess by now, Blizzard Streaming was a means for users to be able to stream all of their content related to so that others could watch. This was a very convenient feature that could be set up and accessed with only a few clicks of a button.

It allowed players to easily stream WoW and other Blizzard Entertainment games on the very popular social media platform Facebook. Players could start fully utilizing Blizzard Streaming by just linking their Facebook account with and enabling a few settings.

Reason for Blizzard Streaming Not Working with WoW

Nowadays, players around the world are unable to make the most out of Blizzard Streaming with WoW. The reason behind this is very simple and widely known.

During the latter half of 2019, Blizzard officially announced that the feature was being removed from and that players will no longer be able to use it in order to stream games such as WoW to Facebook. This means that it isn’t possible to use the feature any longer with World of Warcraft or any game on for that matter.

Players will no longer be able to find an option to enable the setting and use it. The reason why Blizzard Streaming was removed is quite understandable. It used up a lot of resources and made users’ game feel slow and clunky, even when it was disabled.

As soon as the option was removed entirely, players noticed that their game was running much more smoothly. So at the end of the day, it can be argued that this removal of Blizzard Streaming was for the better.

Solutions for Blizzard Streaming Not Working with WoW

To put it shortly, there is no solution at all for this problem, mainly because the feature itself has been wiped out from the settings of There is an alternative, however, as you can use one of many other platforms rather than Blizzard Streaming to make your WoW gameplay available to watch for the world.

With video game streaming gaining so much attention, more and more great platforms for streaming are coming out. This means you have plenty of other options to choose from, which is a great thing as Blizzard Streaming is not an option any longer. It likely won’t be an option anytime soon either, as Blizzard apparently doesn’t have any plans to revive it.

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