WoW Blingtron 5000 vs 6000- Which One?

blingtron 5000 vs 6000 WoW
blingtron 5000 vs 6000 WoW

A Blingtron in WoW is technically an item of sorts, but it is also technically a character of its own. These different machine-like creatures are made to assist adventurers with different things. They all have their own unique benefits, and new versions of them are released every now and then. Two of the many versions of the Blingtron in the game are the Blingtron 5000 and Blingtron 6000.

Many think that the latter is better than the former just because of the fact that it is the newer version, but this isn’t entirely true. While the 6000 may be better in most cases, both have them have their own great pros. Today, we’ll be comparing the key differences which can help you settle once and for all which one is better.

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Blingtron 5000 vs 6000:

  1. Loot

The first thing and arguably the most important thing that we’ll be talking about during this comparison is the type of loot that both the Blingtron 5000 and 6000 provide to players. Like most other versions of themselves, these two offer players one single quest every day. Upon completion of this quest, they’ll drop valuable loot. Both the 5000 and the 6000 offer some good rewards that are well worth the process of earning them

But it must be said that the 6000 slightly edges the comparison in this matter. That’s because this one has a chance to drop legendary items, while the 5000 does not. However, the 5000 tends to drop different materials that are also of good quality. So while the 5000 is decent in quality and great in quantity, the Blingtron 6000 is usually good in quantity and great in overall quality, which is why some players prefer it instead.

  1. Health

As they can also be used to fight against one another or other different things, the Blingtrons obviously have health bars of their own. In this matter, the Blingtron 6000 is much more preferable in this regard as well as it has almost double the amount of health compared to the Blingtron 5000. The 5000 has a health bar of 22,000 HP while the 6000 has an HP of 55,000. It can easily defeat its older counterpart in combat.

  1. Crafting

One aspect in which the Blingtron 5000 is arguably superior is the fact that it is much easier to make. As it is an older version, it can be created with ease and used. This means that lower leveled players can get access to its great rewards in good quantity as well, as opposed to the Blingtron 6000.

This version isn’t considered an item or a ‘’toy’’ at all. Instead of being created, it actually has to be created. Reaching the point where you can start summoning them definitely isn’t easy and can be time-consuming. This makes the Blingtron 5000 the more convenient early game option.


In shorter words, while the 6000 is better in almost every regard, the 5000 isn’t too far behind and is much easier to get access to before you can start summoning the 6000 on a daily basis.

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