3 Ways To Fix WoW Tab Targeting Not Working

wow tab targeting not working
wow tab targeting not working

Tab Targeting is a useful add-on designed for WoW. The add-on is used in order to enable players to automatically switch their tab-targeting. They can switch it from the nearest enemy to the nearest enemy player in no time at all.

How to Fix WoW Tab Targeting Not Working?

There have been plenty of complaints from the users on the internet that they are unable to get the add-on to work. On asking users about the issue, we found out that the Tab Targeting mod in WoW is not working for them. These users have no idea whatsoever why exactly are they facing such an issue.

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This is why today; we will be offering our help in telling you what you can do in order to fix the problem. A whole list of troubleshooting steps is attached right below:

  1. Try Using Click Targeting

We know that this isn’t actually a fix, but a whole lot of users have mentioned how tab targeting can be really annoying in certain situations. Some of them went as far as to regard the add-on as not useful at all.

All these users seem to have faced difficulties while using the add-on. However, these users also mentioned how click targeting is a much more reliable and faster approach to how you can target the mobs.

  1. Check Your Default Settings

Surprisingly enough, many users seem to be facing this issue simply because they haven’t properly set up their settings. This is why we recommend that you check all of your settings. Start by going to your key bindings > Targeting. Under this section, there should be an option that tells you whether you should bound to Target the Nearest Enemy.

This should be set as the default settings. Ensure that you have these settings in the options. If not, then change them.

  1. Try an Alternative

If both the steps that we have mentioned above aren’t working as they should be, then it is possible that there is something wrong with the add-on. First, we recommend that you try performing a fresh reinstall of the add-on in your game.

However, if that does not seem to work, then you might have to start looking for other alternatives. There are countless add-ons that you can find on the internet for WoW. Just make sure that you find a reliable one.

The Bottom Line

These are all the different ways on how you can fix WoW Tab Targeting not working. All the guidelines that we have mentioned in the article should help in resolving the problem. Ensure that you read through the article so that you don’t miss out on anything.

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