WoW Not Recognizing Mouse Buttons: 3 Ways To Fix

wow not recognizing mouse buttons
wow not recognizing mouse buttons

Most of the computer mice you’ll find which are specifically made for gaming now have 5 different buttons rather than the standard 3 which most are familiar with. These extra two buttons are usually located at the far sides of the mouse where they can easily be pressed without having to completely change the way you usually hold a mouse.

These extra buttons can be very helpful at times, especially in games like WoW in which you need to press lots of different keys and buttons in a short amount of time. But the only problem is that the game isn’t always compatible with these mouse buttons, and doesn’t recognize them at all when you try to bind them. Here are some solutions for all the players that are facing this issue with the game.

How to Fix WoW Not Recognizing Mouse Buttons?

  1. Make Sure Your Mouse isn’t Problematic

Before you begin troubleshooting and trying to find the different reasons or errors that might be causing this problem with the game, you should check the mouse in question for any issues. It is possible that the buttons on your mouse are the ones that are problematic and not WoW itself. Try to bind and use them with another application and preferably another video game specifically.

Your mouse is likely the reason behind the issue if it won’t bind with other applications as well. The solution, in this case, is to get an exchange for the mouse you own as its buttons don’t work properly, or you could buy a new one if exchanging isn’t an option. However, if the mouse works perfectly fine with other games but not WoW, here are some other solutions you can try.

  1. Make Sure Your Drivers Are Updated

Ensure that the drivers which you use for your mouse are up to date. Using older versions of mouse drivers will likely cause it to not work. This is likely the cause for the issue if these mouse-related problems with WoW only started recently and the device worked completely fine with the game before. Depending on the specific mouse that you use, go online through your browser and try to find drivers for it.

Now locate the specific drivers that you normally use and make sure that there aren’t any updates available for it. These are usually installed on the computer automatically, but sometimes users have to download them manually as well. Once the latest drivers have been downloaded, try to bind the mouse buttons. again in WoW to see if they work this time.

  1. WoW Mouse Settings

If you’re using a mouse that is specifically designed for use while playing World of Warcraft, there’s actually a specific setting that you have to enable. This is in the mouse settings menu which you’ll find in the game. Just tick the option that says ‘’Enable WoW Mouse’’ and you’ll be able to get the game to recognize all of the buttons without any further problems.

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