Is It Possible To Increase Draw Distance In WoW?

wow increase draw distance
wow increase draw distance

Draw Distance is also known as view distance. It is an important graphical aspect of a video game. Simply put, it is a measurement of just how far an object in the game will be rendered from the player. The higher the draw distance of the game, the further away from you will the objects be rendered.

Increase Draw Distance In WoW?

There are plenty of instances where we have seen the players complaining about not getting enough draw distance in WoW. It is in fact true that if you keep the default settings, the game will have extremely short view distances.

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For most of the players, this is actually quite troublesome. For instance, if you were to look further away on the map, you might not be able to see important locations due to the place not being rendered. As a result, users have been asking whether it is possible to increase draw distance in WoW. Using this article, we will be explaining whether achieving this is even possible or not. Here is everything you need to know about it:

How to Increase Draw Distance in WoW?

As World of Warcraft stands out right now, there is, unfortunately, no way of increasing the actual rendering distance in your game. At least not in the game itself. This is due to a number of reasons. For example, in a number of situations, this may give the player an unfair advantage.

There may also come a few places in-game that haven’t been designed to accommodate the ability of variable draw distance. Furthermore, there used to be a way of increasing your draw distance in-game on the old vanilla client through the use of commands. They don’t seem to work anymore.

The good news is that there are still ways on how you can improve the far away visuals of the game. Keep in mind that this won’t actually increase the rendering distance. Instead, what it will do is to improve the ability of the player to see more objects by making him zoomed out and adjusting the camera. Similarly, it can also improve the quality of the faraway objects.

In order to do so, what you will have to do is go to System > Graphics > Environment Details (Set to maximum). This setting basically controls exactly how far you can see these objects.

To further improve this, you can also adjust the camera distance settings that can be found in the Camera settings under the Interface options.

In case you are not playing WoW Classic, you may be able to get the following command to work:

/console farclip 4000 (can slightly adjust value)

The Bottom Line:

Ever wonder whether you can increase the draw distance? Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to directly increase the actual rendering distance in your game. However, this does not mean that you can’t improve your ability to see farther away objects. This article has all the details that you will need in order to properly learn about it.

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