What Does the M on The Razer Blackwidow Mean?

what does the m on the razer blackwidow mean
what does the m on the razer blackwidow mean

Even though mechanical keyboards are more expensive when compared with membrane variants, the price is justified because of their low input delay and high quality. These keyboards are mainly intended for gamers but can be used for typing as well. The key height can be quite high but, on some keyboards, you can set the distance at which the device will register a keypress.

Razer has a great collection of keyboards that you can buy. Razer Blackwidow is one of the most popular Razer products that you can personalize using the Synapse tool that you can download from the internet for free.

What Does the M on The Razer Blackwidow Mean?

On the earlier versions of the Blackwidow keyboard, there is an M key on the top right corner of the keyboard. A red LED indicator will illuminate whenever you try to use this key. The majority of gamers are not aware of what the function of this key is. So, if you’re also not sure then let us go over what the M key does and how can you use it.

Razer keyboards are popular for macros features that you can use as long as you have the Razer tool installed on your computer. The M key is specifically for this purpose, it is there to make it possible for players to add macros instantaneously. They don’t have to go through the whole setup procedure and they can just create a macro on the spot while using the M key.

To use the key, you’ll need to first press the function and alt key along with the M key. Once the LED light has been illuminated you can easily record the macro that you want to assign to the key. Now, after assigning the macro you should follow the same procedure to save settings. Press the 3 buttons mentioned above and that should have the macro saved on your PC. Gamers also have the option of using Synapse to assign macros if they don’t want to use the M key.

Should You Use Macros

If you’re planning on going pro then we suggest that you avoid using features like these. In almost all of the tournaments, there is a policy of one action per button. While macros allow users to execute multiple actions with the press of a single button. So, this is the reason why this keyboard is banned in so many tournaments. It gives users an unfair advantage over other players and you should avoid using it.

However, if you’re just a casual player or you need help to improve the efficiency of your work then by all means you should utilize this feature. You can also read the setup guide if you’re still unsure about how to record and assign macros on your Razer Blackwidow. There are also some great YouTube tutorials available to guide gamers with the help of visual instructions. So, you have plenty of options if you’re looking to bind macros to your keys on the Razer Blackwidow.

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