3 Ways To Fix Razer Blade Black Screen

razer blade black screen
razer blade black screen

Most hardcore gamers avoid buying laptops because of their low performance. This is because they can’t tell the difference between a good and a bad gaming device. There are a lot of high-end gaming laptops that can beat the majority of custom builds that people make for themselves. Moreover, you get the added benefit of portability.

But it is still common for gamers with laptops to face problems on certain occasions. Some users are facing problems with the Razer blade showing a black screen. Let us discuss some troubleshooting steps that can help you out.

How to Fix Razer Blade Black Screen?

  1. Graphic Drivers

If the screen goes black for a little while and then comes back to life then we believe that the issue is with your graphic drivers. You can also check whether or not you’ve selected the dedicated graphics unit from the BIOS. Users can access this information by logging into their Synapse account.

To resolve the issue, you should remove the graphic drivers from your PC completely. You can use 3rd party programs like DDU that ensure that the drivers are wiped out of your system. You can download DDU from the internet and then follow the instructions in the application to remove your existing drivers. Now, you can download the drivers compatible with your graphics unit from the Nvidia website. Install them and that should help your situation.

  1. Check SSD

Some users have pointed out that the issue was with the SSD drive and they weren’t able to get the laptop to boot up at all. All they saw was the black screen on startup as if the laptop was dead. The fix that worked out for them was just pulling out the NVME drive from your laptop. We recommended that you don’t do it yourself but rather get help from a friend that is experienced in similar tasks. After that try booting up the laptop once and then install the drive back in.

Keep in mind that doing this will void your warranty, So, if you have recently bought the laptop then it might not be worth it to open the laptop yourself. Rather what you should do is contact the Suppliers and ask for their help. They will be more inclined to send you a replacement order and you don’t have to risk your money for the laptop.

  1. Faulty Screen

It might just be the case that your laptop has a faulty display which is why you’re not able to get the screen to work. Unfortunately, if that’s the case then there is nothing that you can do except to take your laptop to a repair center and get the screen replaced. Taking the laptop to an expert is still better than wasting your time trying to fix a problem you can’t fix. If your system is working fine then getting a display replacement won’t cost you as much when compared to the price of the whole system. So, just take it to a repair center to have an expert examine your device.

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