Should You Keep VBOs On Or Off In Minecraft?

vbos on or off minecraft
vbos on or off minecraft

Every video game offers different options and settings that all have an effect on how the game looks like as well as how it actually plays out. For instance, setting the texture settings too high allows the player to load high-quality textures in his game. Similarly, lowering some settings gives the player a performance boost.

VBOs On or Off in Minecraft

While accessing Minecraft’s settings, you may have noticed an option called “VBOs”. It is one of the many options that you can find inside your graphic/video settings in video games. Most players don’t have much idea of what VBOs are about which is why they ask whether they should turn it on or off.

Today, we will be discussing this in detail in order to help you learn whether you should keep it turned on or turn it off. So, let’s get right into it!

What is VBOs Setting About?

For those of you who are unaware, VBOs is basically a video setting that stands for Vertical Buffer Object. It is an OpenGL feature that is responsible for what kind of procedure or method the game uses for uploading your vertex data (Including positioning, vector, and color).

It has a substantial effect on your actual performance of the game. It offers a smarter way of how the game renders some scenes in the game. This is also why you may notice the game running better in some situations when compared with Immediate rendering.

If we were to further simplify things, when you have the option turned off, the whole world in Minecraft will be loaded even when you can’t see it. On the other hand, when VBOs are turned on, unnecessary parts of the world which you can’t be loaded.

Should You Turn It On?

If you have understood what VBOs is, it should be pretty clear that turning on this setting for some users would give them a huge boost in FPS. One important thing to note is that when you have it turned on, you will be shifting most of the game’s load to GPU instead of the CPU.

So, it may also depend on your system whether it is able to fully take advantage of the option turned on. For some users, it might not even have any effect on their performance. All you have to do is to try turning the option turned on and off, and compare whether you notice a difference in your game’s performance. If you do, then you should most definitely keep it turned on.

The Bottom Line

Here is everything that you need to know about whether you should be keeping VBOs turned on or off. Ensure that you do give the article a good read in order to fully understand everything about it.

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