NEI vs JEI vs TMI Minecraft – Which One?

nei vs jei vs tmi minecraft
nei vs jei vs tmi minecraft

Mods can help you bypass some of the boring stuff in-game. Instead of grinding for those rare items you just install a mod to help you get that item. However, some people have mentioned that it can make the game boring. Getting items through intense grind sessions can make you feel way more fulfilled in the end.

NEI, JEI, and TMI are the names of 3 mods that you can install in your game. They can provide a lot of utility and save you a lot of time. In this article, we will be going over different aspects of these Mods to help you make an informed decision as to which one you should use.

NEI vs JEI vs TMI Minecraft


NEI is also known as the Not Enough Items mod and is one of the oldest mods in Minecraft. The last update for this mod was around 5 years ago. This mod came after the TMI and before JEI. The function of this mod is to list down the different items in the game and show you how you can craft them.

The recipes are mentioned along with the item icon so you can be sure how you can make those rare items. The overall interface is quite easy to use and you can assign hotkeys to quickly access the list of all the different item recipes. You can save slots and do so much more. Just read through the functions of all the hotkeys and you’ll be much more efficient while using this mod.

With the help of this Mod, you can also spawn these items if you don’t feel like farming for all the different materials it would take. It can make your game quite easy as now you just have to click a button to get whichever item you want. This can take a lot of fun out of the game so we recommend that you only use this mod to find out the item recipe. This will keep the game interesting for you and you won’t get bored.

It is very common for mods to come loaded with different kinds of bugs. This includes randomly crashing the game whenever you try to use the mod in a particular situation. Sometimes, the recipes won’t show up, and clicking the recipe button will crash your whole game. These bugs still exist and have not been patched yet. This is one of the reasons why the player based moved on to JEI as their game kept crashing whenever they tried to use this mod.


It is also known as Just Enough Items Mod and is the latest version of the mod you can get your hand on. It is in the developmental phase and receives frequent updates after considering the player’s response. Currently, it is the only inventory and recipe handle mod that is still getting updates and community support.

Even though the basic functionality of JEI is the same as NEI there are still some differences due to which the majority of the player base likes to use this mod with their game. The biggest difference is the performance, the majority of the player base was annoyed by how slow the NEI Mod was. They had to wait a long period for the item recipe to show up after typing the item name in the search bar.

Whereas in JEI results are displayed as you type. This makes it some much easier to look for recipes and the interface is very user-friendly. So, if you were looking for efficiency then look no further. JEI + button feature is viable on this variant of recipe handler Mod. However, JEI is a very good mod to have there are still some features missing when compared to the original version. But the developers have assured us that they will be added shortly so all we have to do is wait.

As far as bugs are concerned the JEI Mod is much more refined. At the very least you don’t have to worry about your game crashing every time you want to look up the recipe of a given item block. However, you can still sometimes run into errors but overall, it is way more stable than NEI which is why most of the player base uses it.


It is also known as Too Many Items Mod; it was the first inventory mod that was followed by NEI and then JEI. This is the reason why it is known as the original inventory mod. However, through the years more and more players kept switching to NEI and JEI. Unlike NEI and JEI you had to use commands to utilize this mod which can take up a lot of your time.

However, the button was still bugged in NEI which caused the majority of the players to switch to JEI. TMI can be compared to the creative menu you see in-game today. It was an easy way to get the items you wanted without having to grind for them. This made it possible for the casual players to still craft and enchant their gear.

Another huge difference between TMI and NEI is that there is no recipe interface in the TMI mod. When it comes to performance and utility the TMI mod just can’t match the newer versions of the JEI mod. So, if you’re planning on using an inventory handler mod then we suggest we go for JEI and nothing else.


Out of all these mods, the best one is JEI. it is fast and easier to use, you get the most utility and quick responses while using this mod. Even though you can still run into bugs sometimes, they’re not as frequent as NEI or TMI bugs. It is quite easy to set up, you can also look up YouTube tutorials if you’re unsure how to install this mod on your game. Using this mod will help your farm mats more effectively to craft rare items.

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