Steve vs Alex Model In Minecraft

steve vs alex model
steve vs alex model

Ever since Minecraft was initially released, it offered players the chance to change and do anything in its world. This includes many things like fighting hordes of enemies, exploring secret environments, building whatever comes to their mind, and doing so much more.

Regardless of all this, the game didn’t have one major option for a few years even after its launch. This was the option for players to change their character’s gender.

The initial default skin, Steve, strongly resembled a male despite being referred to as a gender-neutral character by developers. After public demand, Mojang eventually added Alex to the game as well, another default skin that resembled the appearance of a girl.

Today we’re here to compare all the major differences between both the character models.

Steve vs Alex Model

Gameplay Differences

The very first thing that players need to know is that there are absolutely no differences in terms of gameplay between either Alex or Steve. Regardless of whichever character you end up using as your own, you’ll find that there is simply no difference at all in terms of how they’re used.

Neither of them have any special abilities or unique gameplay traits of their own, and they are exactly the same in the game other than their appearance. So in short, there are no differences at all in this regard between the two, meaning that neither of the two are superior to one another in this regard either.

Differences in Appearance

As Steve is used to portray the appearance of a man and Alex is meant to portray the appearance of a girl, there are obviously many differences between the two in this regard. Their clothing is completely different for one, with Steve’s default skin wearing casual clothing and Alex being fitted in an outfit more suited to survival.

Other than that, their face is quite different from each other too, and Alex has much longer hair as well. These are the only major differences in this regard, along with Alex’s body being slightly thinner, most noticeably her arms which aren’t as big as Steve’s.


This aspect is really the only one in which the two have any meaningful differences when compared to one another. There are a lot more skins available for the Steve model as compared to the Alex one, and there are a couple of very good reasons for this. The first and main reason is the fact that Steve has been around for a much longer time, meaning that all those skins made for him before Alex’s release have given him a huge head start.

The second reason is that it is actually a little easier to create skins for the former as compared to making skins for the latter. Working with Alex’s thinner model was quite difficult for creators during the time of her initial release. While it’s much easier now, it’s still more difficult compared to working with Steve.

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