Industrial Apiary vs Alveary: What’s The Difference?

industrial apiary vs alveary
industrial apiary vs alveary

Honey is a quite useful material in Minecraft, Bees were just recently added in the game and not many players utilize honey in their systems.  You can use honey blocks to reduce fall damage, it can stick to other blocks and it can be moved with a piston. However, it reduces the movement speed as you move across it.

In this article, we will be comparing the differences between the industrial Apiary and Industrial Alveary. This will help you decide which one will work better for your particular system.

Industrial Apiary vs Alveary

Industrial Apiary

It is an automated apiary that you can use in Minecraft. The overall interface is quite easy to use, there are 4 things that you have to take care of. The first thing is the power supply, the industrial apiary mainly uses Redstone flux to operate. You can judge the current power level using the bar shown on the extreme left of the interface.

Next, we have two slots to put the queen and the drone. The queen you put in the upper section while drones can go in the lower section. After that, we have 4 slots to add any upgrades so that we can improve the overall efficiency of this system. Lastly, we have the nine deposit slots from which you can take out output. The industrial Apiary can be turned on/off and is quite easy to craft.

Al you need is glass, a sturdy casing, bronze gears, a piston, and finally a bee receptacle. Just put that into a crafting table to make an industrial Apiary. You can insert or remove items from any side so that is quite convenient when you try to make an automated system. However, you can’t auto-insert the upgrade items.

Industrial Alveary

As compared to the apiary, the alveary has a chance of getting a second comb when the production levels reach a certain point. However, this feature won’t work on non-specialty output. The biggest difference between the Apiary and the Alveary is that you can insert frames to boost the production rate in Alveary.

When you have 5 frames inserted in the Alveary you have an overall production modifier of 32. Which is enough for your alveary to reach the produce and specialty cap. In comparison to the apiary, the industrial alveary consumes less power. So, this means that the overall efficiency is greater and you don’t have to grind as hard for the fuel.

If you’re making a lot of industrial apiaries, it can be quite hard to manage the fuel demand by the system. So, make sure to consider that while building a system. However, the industrial Alvearies can take up a lot of space. You can stuff multiple apiaries in the space it takes to build one Alveary.

Overall, both of these systems can be quite useful to have in your world. Both of these systems are very easy to set up. It is quite easy to get a general understanding of how these systems are supposed to work. This is why we suggest that you give both of these items a try before committing your time

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