Silk Touch vs Fortune Minecraft- Which Enchantment?

Silk Touch vs Fortune Minecraft
Silk Touch vs Fortune Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can get access to different enchantments that will all add extra benefits to a weapon or a tool. These enchantments are basically used to give the weapon or tool an extra ability which then helps the player in being able to survive more easily.

Silk Touch vs Fortune Minecraft

Silk Touch and Fortune are two really common enchantments that are used widely by players. Both of them are usually applied to mining tools and have their own use. However, some players seem to mix the abilities of both these enchantments. As a result, we can see these players make a comparison for both the enchantments.

Using this article, we will be comparing Silk Touch vs Fortune in Minecraft. We will be giving a basic overview of both the enchantments and discussing the use of both of them which should help you in figuring out which one’s better for your use:

Silk Touch

Silk Touch is a type of enchantment that can be applied to your mining tools. If you use a tool enchanted with Silk Touch on a block, it will make all of the blocks drop instead of the item that usually drops when mined.

Hence, Silk Touch has a more specific use in Minecraft. One important thing to keep in mind is that once you use Silk Touch, you most probably won’t be getting the item that usually drops from the block. This is why you will need to double-check the things that you need before you start mining using Silk Touch. You definitely won’t be needing Silk Touch all the time. In fact, you will only be using it when you want to get plenty of blocks to drop from a specific block.


Fortune is another enchantment that is really popular in Minecraft. Compared to Silk Touch, what Fortune does is that it gives players the ability to mine and dig tools that help in increasing the chance of getting a specific or rarer item to drop.

The drawback of using Fortune is that you won’t be getting any experience points while digging or mining. Instead, you will be increasing the chances of getting a particular item to drop. In contrast, it has a wider use than Silk Touch.

The Bottom Line

Comparing Silk Touch vs Fortune, here are all the things that you need to know about both these enchantments. If you are here for the shorter version of the comparison, then you need to learn that both of them have their own use.

Comparing one over the other isn’t really fair, as the player will be using the enchantment which he has the use for. For more details, be sure to refer to the article.

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