3 Ways To Fix Recruit A Friend Rewards Not Showing In WoW

recruit a friend rewards not showing up WoW
recruit a friend rewards not showing up WoW

Recruit a friend is a reward system in WoW which can be gained after a player successfully recruits other players in the game. Even players that haven’t played the game for more than two years can be recruited for getting these rewards.

How to Fix Recruit a Friend Rewards Not Showing in WoW?

We have been getting various complaints from players that recruit a friend rewards are not showing in WoW. According to these players, when they try to send an invitation to the friend that they have recruited, they don’t get any rewards. In fact, they don’t even show up at all.

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Through this article, we will be giving you different ways on how you can fix this issue for good. Here are all the solutions mentioned down below:

  1. Your Friend May Have Not Subscribed

The reason why you haven’t received the rewards could be due to the reason why your friend may have not subscribed to the game. If not, then you will not be able to receive the rewards.

Hence, if you can’t see the friend rewards, then it is highly likely that your friend hasn’t subscribed to the game. Once your friend purchases the full copy of the game and pays for a whole month of subscription, then you should be able to get the 30 days of game time completely free.

  1. It Can Take Some Time

One thing that many users don’t seem to know is that it can take some time before the user can successfully be able to receive his rewards. So, if you had just recruited a friend, you might have to wait a few hours before you can successfully get the rewards.

Most usually, it may take up to 24 hours before you get these rewards. However, if it has been days since you haven’t received these rewards, it is possible that you are facing another issue.

  1. Issue a Ticket

In case you can’t seem to know exactly why you aren’t receiving the rewards and have tried almost everything, then you should most definitely try issuing a ticket to Blizzard. By this, we mean that you should probably start a ticket.

Any professional from the team should get back to you and ask you a bunch of questions. Ensure that you are as cooperative as possible. You should be able to get the problem resolved after some time.

The Bottom Line

These are the 3 different ways on how you can fix recruit a friend rewards not showing. Simply following the instructions that we have mentioned in the article should help you fix the problem. Ensure that you read through the article so you don’t miss out on anything.

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