5 Ways To Fix Razer Synapse Not Changing Color

razer synapse not changing color
razer synapse not changing color

One of the main reason users are attracted to Razer Synapse is the feature which allows you to change colors on your devices. It creates excitement among gamers while playing a specific game. There are a lot of great ways of having fun with this feature by creating different customized color combinations on your Razer device. One of the best features in Razer Synapse times can become intolerable at times.

It can become quite unbearable if you are playing a specific game in your room with all the latest Razer devices at your helm and one of the best features of Razer Synapse being the different shade of lighting and changing colors is not working at all. Razer Synapse usually runs smoothly and does not have a lot of bugs and issues. But, at times Razer Synapse does not change colors. If you are having the same issue where Razer Synapse is not changing colors, here are some quick fixes worth trying.

Razer Synapse not Changing Color

  1. Check your USB ports

One obvious reason for Razer Synapse not changing the colors is faulty USB ports. If the USB port is causing this issue make sure you unplug your device from your USB port and try it on another one. This is a quick way to fix Razer Synapse lighting, but if this does not help make sure you try your Razer device on another PC. This will help you identify if the problem is in your devices or Razer Synapse.

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall Razer Synapse
  • If you are using a desktop, make sure you unplug all the Razer devices from your PC with normal peripheral devices.
  • By using these steps uninstall the Razer Synapse application. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall or change a program > Select Razer Synapse and then Uninstall.
  • Erase all Razer Synapse files from your PC.
  • Restart your PC and make sure every Razer Synapse file is completely deleted from your PC.
  • After restarting your PC install Razer Synapse. Once installation is complete, plug all the Razer devices and check if the colors are changing.
  1. Make sure keyboard lighting is switched on

Many users make the simple mistake of switching off the Razer keyboard while changing the setting which disables the lighting functions. Make sure lighting is turned on while the display is turned off or the PC is idle. Open the Razer Synapse application, select your keyboard under the devices heading, switch to the lighting tab, here you will have an option to untick the box under switch off the lighting. Make sure both boxes are unticked. Close the panel and check if the lights are working.

  1. Check for Razer Devices Brightness level

This is a common problem that many gamers come across while tackling Razer Synapse not changing color. There are two ways to handle this issue. One quick way to increase your Razer lighting brightness is from your keyboard. Click and hold the fn and ctrl buttons while pressing F12, this will increase your brightness and your keyboard will light up. Another way to check and increase the brightness of the Razer Keyboard is by opening Razer Synapse and, selecting the keyboard in devices, and increasing the brightness to illuminate your keyboard.

  1. Upgrade Razer Synapse Drivers

If the above steps do not work in the lighting response of Razer Synapse devices make sure you go to the Control panel and select Device Manager. Once you have opened the Device Manager window select the view option from the toolbar. This will allow you to click on an option indicating Show hidden devices which will enable you to view what you were not able to view before.

Once you can see the hidden Razer hardware. Click on Razer hardware and it will give you an option to update it manually or automatically. Select the latter one and it will automictically search and update your drivers. If the problem still persists, visit Razer website and download drivers and manually update them.

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