Razer Synapse 2 vs Razer Synapse 3: Which One Is Better?

razer synapse 2 vs 3
razer synapse 2 vs 3

Razer is one of the best brands when it comes to gaming hardware. It offers a wide range of accessories along with complete PC builds. These include keyboards, mice, headsets and so much more. So, if you’re looking for high-quality gaming peripherals then Razer should be your first choice.

In this article, we will be going over different aspects of Razer Synapse 2 and Razer Synapse 3. You can decide afterward which Razer Synapse better suits your gaming needs.

Razer Synapse 2 vs Razer Synapse 3

Razer Synapse 2

It is a hardware configuration tool launched by Razor to manage their peripherals like keyboards and mice. At the given moment, the Razer Synapse 2 features more devices as compared to Razer synapse 3. Meaning that you won’t be running into compatibility issues as often if you have synapse 2 installed on your computer.

Even though the Synapse 3 is an updated version it is still under development and many users have reported that it is not stable overall. So, the safe choice to go for is synapse 2. The biggest plus about Synapse 2 is that you can use it with PC and MAC as compared to synapse 3 that only runs on PC.

Generally, it should all come down to the type of equipment you have. If your Razer products are old then you shouldn’t have any problem using synapse 2. However, users have mentioned that the overall interface is way easier to navigate in synapse 3. Moreover, synapse 2 is being phased out and will stop receiving support once synapse 3 is stable and the majority of the community switches to it.

Overall, synapse 2 is a good configuration tool and if it is working just fine for you then there is no need to switch to synapse 3. Unless you have bought some new device that doesn’t work properly with the synapse 2. We recommend that you stay on synapse 2 for the time being and switch only when synapse 3 has become stable and can support all of your peripheral devices.

Even though you can install both Synapse 2 and 3 on your computer system, the thing is that they will not communicate with each other. Meaning that you will constantly be running into syncing issues across both of this software.

Razer Synapse 3

Synapse 3 is the newer version of the Razer Synapse configuration tool. As mentioned, before it is currently under development and does not feature as many devices as compared to synapse 3. Overall, the majority of the community is unhappy with this configuration tool as they’re running into a variety of issues while using this software.

Players mentioned that after updating to synapse 3 their gaming performance went down, they could feel the mouse tracking being laggy which affected their aim for the worse. Even using the mouse on the desktop felt delayed which is quite annoying. The only thing that seemed to fix this issue was switching back to synapse 2.

Along with the mouse tracking the keypresses also felt delayed and sometimes didn’t register altogether. Users also mentioned issues with Razer profiles and chroma apps that you can use on synapse 3. These were just a few issues from a long list that users were running into while using the Razer synapse 3. But the majority of these users were using old Razer devices which is why the synapse 3 was not working properly for them.

So, if you’re in a similar situation and don’t own the newer version of these devices then it is recommended that you stick to synapse 2. Otherwise, you will run into several issues which will cause a lot of frustration. Synapse 2 is BETA software and is becoming better after each update. All you have to do is wait for a little, while the developers work to improve the overall configuration tool.

Once synapse 3 is optimized then you are free to switch and enjoy all the new features brought by the synapse 3 update. In the end, it all depends upon your equipment. If your equipment is from an older lineup then go with synapse 2 otherwise the synapse 3 will work just fine for you.

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