5 Ways To Fix Razer Mouse Keeps Double-Clicking

razer mouse keeps double clicking
razer mouse keeps double clicking

Razer mice can be a bit pricey but all the additional features you get along with the mouse make the mouse worth it to buy. Razer offers a wide range of mice you can choose from. Depending upon your gameplay or your grip style you can browse around and choose the perfect mouse that fits your requirements.

Although razer mice are quite reliable, recently a lot of users have been complaining about issues with their razer mouse. Their mouse will keep double-clicking and they are not able to use it properly. If you’re in a similar situation here are a few fixes that can sort out your problem.

How to Fix Razer Mouse Keeps Double-Clicking?

  1. Blow into Your Mouse

The fix that worked out for the majority of users was blowing into the mouse. There is a good chance that something might have gotten stuck beneath the click button and whenever you press the button it registers as two clicks making the mouse unusable. Sometimes a static build-up can cause this issue too and humidity in your breath takes care of this build-up and your double-clicking issue resolves itself.

A gentle blow into the click that is malfunctioning can likely sort out your problem. You can also use a blower to clean any debris that might be stuck beneath the click button and it should start working properly after you plug the mouse back in the port.

  1. Check for Firmware Updates

Sometimes an outdated firmware can also cause this problem. We recommend that you go to the official razer website and browser through it to find a firmware updater for your specific mouse model. After that just install it on your computer system and update your mouse firmware. Just follow the instructions given on-screen and restart your computer system after the mouse firmware is successfully updated. After the computer boots up try using the mouse clicks to see if your problem is fixed.

  1. Re-install Synapse

If you’re sure there is nothing wrong with your mouse then you should try giving your razer synapse a restart to fix this problem. You can follow these steps to clean install your razer synapse.

  • Uninstall Razer Software and Chroma SDK from your control panel and reboot your computer system
  • Check windows service and Task manager to kill any Razer processes that are still running
  • Go to your program files and Local app data to delete any Razer folders you find
  • Once every Razer folder is removed, restart your computer system
  • After the computer boots up download synapse on your system and installs it on your system
  • Once that is done you can log into your account and start configuring your devices with the Razer synapse
  1. Razer Support

After trying all of these steps if your specific issue is still not resolved then we recommend that you immediately contact the Razer support team to help you out. You can also use the live chat feature to receive help from a professional that can guide you step by step through the troubleshooting process.

Make sure to provide the support team with all the relevant details to help them pinpoint the exact problem with your Razer mouse. It would be even better if you can record a video and provide it to them. After they’re able to identify the issue, they will be able to guide you more effectively on how you can fix this problem.

  1. Replacement

If nothing seems to work then it is likely that there is something wrong with your mouse hardware. In which case, the only option you’re left with is to ask your supplier for a replacement order. To pinpoint the hardware problem, you should connect your mouse with another computer system. If it still malfunctions then you will be sure that there is something wrong with your Razer device. It can be quite easy to secure a replacement order if your warranty is still intact so be sure to contact your supplier within the warranty date.

These were a few fixes that you can use to sort out your double-clicking problem. For the majority of users just blowing into the mouse sorted out the issue. So, be sure to try that first before moving on towards other fixes.

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