3 Ways To Fix Razer Ripsaw Red Light

razer ripsaw red light
razer ripsaw red light

The Razer Ripsaw enables users to record their gameplay in a higher quality. You can use it with your consoles and PC if you’re like. It is a bit expensive and can cost you around 200 dollars depending upon where you’re purchasing it from.

The Razer Ripsaw is one of the best capture cards in the market and if you’re looking to record your gameplay in high quality and low latency then this might be the perfect device for you.

Recently some users have been complaining about a Red Light on their Razer Ripsaw. If you’re having similar issues with your capture card then here are a few solutions for your problem.

How to Fix Razer Ripsaw Red Light?

  1. Security Updates

If you’re getting Razer Ripsaw to appear on your Razer Synapse but you can’t get it to work with the OBS then it is likely that you have not installed security updates on your computer system. To fix this issue, all you have to do is download the security updates on your system to get the device to work with the OBS.

To do this, just go to the Microsoft official website and from there just look up the updates compatible with your operating system. After the download is complete you need to just follow the instructions on the prompt to install the security updates on your computer system. Make sure to only download the update from the official sources.

Using 3rd party websites to download anything can be quite dangerous for your computer system. You might end up installing malware or trojan programs on your computer system. These can affect your computer system for the worse. So, just use the official MS website to download the update on your system and once it is done installing you can try using the capture card to check if your issue is fixed.

  1. Ask Razer

If you’ve already tried changing ports and reconnecting the capture card with your system but nothing seems to work for you, then the only option you’re left with is asking the Razer support team to help you out. Doing this will take the guesswork out of the equation and you’ll be receiving help from a trained professional.

All you have to do is make sure that you’re giving the support team every relevant detail regarding your issue. It would be even better if you can send a recording or screenshots to make it easier for the support team members to understand your situation. Once they’re able to identify the actual problem, they will be able to guide you through different troubleshooting methods.

So, just send them an email to open up a support thread on Razer forums. After that, all you have to do is wait for their response. Follow their instructions step by step to maximize your chances of fixing the issue at hand. You can also ask other users who were running into similar issues for assistance. Just try out the fixes that worked out for them and you should be able to get your Razer Ripsaw to work.

  1. Hardware Issues

If after following all the troubleshooting methods recommended by the support team, your issue is still not fixed then there is a high chance that your device has hardware issues. This is why you can’t get it to connect with OBS. Unfortunately, if there are hardware issues with your device then the best option is to get it replaced.

There are minimal chances that you will be able to get it fixed yourself. If you’ve just bought the device then we recommend that you contact your supplier and explain your situation to them. Tell them that the device you received is faulty and put forward a warranty claim if your warranty is still intact. Doing this will make it quite easier for you to get a replacement order and you’ll have to wait for 3-5 business days to get it.

However, if your warranty is not valid and you’re not able to get a replacement order from your supplier then the only thing that you can do is pay for a new capture card. There are also other software recording solutions that you can look into if you’re on a PC. So, before spending your money make sure to do some research on those.

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