4 Ways To Fix Razer Naga Stops Working When Lifted

razer naga stops working when lifted
razer naga stops working when lifted

The Razer Naga mouse is one that a lot of people love thanks to just how versatile it is. It features a lot of different customization options in terms of both appearance and usage. It’s even equipped with full Razer Synapse support which allows users to change all kinds of different settings and even alter the button mapping the device. In short, it is already a pretty handy device that can be made even better thanks to all of the different customization options that it has. Regardless of all this, it is a device with its fair share of different issues.

One of the less common ones but definitely more annoying ones is an issue with the device causing the Razer Naga to stop working when lifted. This bug makes it so that the mouse is unresponsive for a few seconds or maybe even longer after users lift it from the mousepad. This is something that can be very annoying and costly, especially when playing video games. If you’re encountering this bug too, here is our list of solutions to help you get rid of it.

How to Fix Razer Naga Stops Working When Lifted?

  1. Update Razer Synapse

One thing to remember is that this isn’t a problem for which the Razer Naga is always directly responsible. Some programs on your computer along with any issues related to them can also cause problems like these, which is especially the case for the Razer Synapse software. This is something that a lot of people use with Razer peripherals, and it is possible that you’re one of these people. If you are, that could explain the reason behind the Razer Naga freezing up whenever it is lifted.

The solution is pretty simple, as updating Razer Synapse and ensuring that there aren’t any problems at all with the software should be enough. This can easily be done with the help of an internet browser, as checking official Razer sites should be enough to find out if there are new updates available for Synapse or not. If there is, download and install them immediately.

  1. Reset Mouse Calibration

Within Razer Synapse, there is a setting that allows users to adjust to the surface on which they’re using their mouse. While this is a very handy feature, it can be problematic if not set up correctly. With that said, if you’ve made any changes to the setting in recent times, especially before this problem started, then try going back into the menu and resetting these changes. That should get the Razer Naga to get back to working like it once was without any additional problems.

  1. Download/Update Mouse Drivers

If users have only gotten their Razer Naga recently and this is a problem that has been around from the start, it’s highly plausible that it could be caused by outdated and/or faulty drivers. Make sure that you’ve got the most recent drivers installed on your computer for the specific Razer Naga model in question. If these are already downloaded, make sure that they are completely up to date to rule out the possibility of this being the reason behind the issue.

  1. Change Synapse Settings

If all of the solutions mentioned so far didn’t work, there are some particular changes users can make to Razer Synapse which should help. Open the software while the Razer Naga is plugged in to the computer and then head on over to the performance menu. There should be an option here for rolling point rate, set this to exactly 1000. Change the rest of the settings here to whatever you like based on your preferences, or leave them as they are.

Now click on the option which says calibration. From the menu that’ll appear on the screen, set the lift-off range of the Razer Naga to 1. Now click on Razer mats if you own a Razer mousepad or Mousepad 1 if you own a mousepad from a different brand. The final step is to calibrate the mouse and the mat by following all the instructions which are displayed on the screen. The problem should be solved now.

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