3 Ways To Solve Razer Core Keeps Disconnecting Problem

razer core keeps disconnecting
razer core keeps disconnecting

Many of us love to play our favorite games on our laptops but we do not have the best graphic cards or processing units in our system to play the games flawlessly. A lot of the games take their toll on your laptops and make your gaming experience impact negatively.This is where the external processing graphic unit comes in and it helps you run the game on your system with ease and make your gaming experience worthwhile. Razer has always been at the forefront of this and it makes the best external procession graphic unit for its customers.

Razer Core is an EPGU that is compatible with every laptop in the market which makes it stand out from its competitors. Razer Core has many great features and helping your laptop as an external accessory by taking most of the load while you play games is one of them.

The main issue that many gamers complain about its Razer Core keeps disconnecting from their laptop. If you are facing the same problem, here are some ways to solve the problem.

Razer Core Keeps Disconnecting Problem

  1. Allow thunderbolt connecting in Razer Synapse

Once you connect your Razer Core external processing graphic unit you get a pop on your laptop which indicates that the EPGU is connected to your device. Recognize the EGPU by clicking on the pop up which will take you to the Razer Synapse application.

Once the Razer Synapse is opened select the Razer core and allow the use of a thunderbolt connection. This will help your laptop recognize the EPGU every time you connect it and the Razer Core keeps disconnecting problem will go away.

  1. Better internet connection

Gamers need high-speed internet to play online games and as external processing graphics units are attached to laptops, many gamers use home Wi-Fi. Due to this, they have low-speed internet which keeps on disconnecting the EPGU. To eradicate this problem, try using 5G or connect your laptop with an Ethernet cable to have high-speed internet.

  1. Update your drivers

Razer Synapse is an application that keeps on updating your Razer devices from time to time. But at times you need to see which Razer device needs an update. The main reason that Razer Core keeps disconnecting from your laptop time and time again is due to the outdated drivers you have installed. To update your drivers, make sure you go into the Razer Synapse application and open the device Razer Core.

Now here you will see if your drivers are up to date or not. If they are not, go to the Razer website and make sure you find the latest driver for your Razer Core external processing graphic unit. This will help you with the problem that you are currently facing. Another way to make sure you do not face this problem is by updating your windows to the latest version as well.

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