5 Ways To Fix Razer Naga Cursor Jumping

razer naga cursor jumping
razer naga cursor jumping

MMOs like BDO and TERA have a lot of skills that players can cycle through to keep up their damage output. Having the extra buttons make it possible for you to chain different skills and maximize the damage that your character can do. So, if you’re interested in MMO games then this mouse is perfect for you.

But some users are still having issues with Razer Naga Cursor Jumping. The pointer on the screen will keep teleporting and you won’t be able to mouse to follow the movements of your arm properly. If you’re having the same issues then the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article might help you.

How to Fix Razer Naga Cursor Jumping?

  1. Check Calibration

The most common reason why users run into any pointer-related issues on their mouse is that the calibration hasn’t been done properly. So, you’ll have to use the Synapse tool to change the calibration settings. Open the Synapse application and then go to Naga device settings. You’ll find the calibration tab on the top of the application window.

Now you will be able to add surface to your Razer mouse. There are also presets available for different Razer mousepads that you can choose. But if you have an off-brand mouse pad then you’ll need to calibrate the sensor for your mouse to work. At this point, move the mouse across the surface and the Synapse will calibrate it for you. Save the settings and then use the pointer again.

  1. Reset Mouse

If you believe that something is wrong with the mouse itself and not the calibration settings then you can try to perform a quick reset. The procedure for the reset will be listed on the manual that you receive along with the mouse. But if you don’t have access to the manual then the method for most Razer mice is to hold down the 3 buttons on top of the mouse. This includes the left, middle, and right at the same time. Hold them for around 10 seconds and then release them.

  1. Firmware

Updating the mouse firmware is also another viable solution that has worked out for most users. You can do so by downloading the firmware updater application from the web. After that just run the application and update the firmware of your Razer Naga to the latest version. That will increase the probability of your mouse working properly.

Removing the synapse tool from your PC can also help you fix the cursor jumping issue. Doing this will ensure that none of the Synapse configurations mess up your mouse settings. This will help you put a finger on the exact reason why your mouse is not working like it is supposed to. So, remove the configuration tool from your PC using the control panel and then reboot the PC. Now, try using the mouse again to check if the same issue remains.

  1. Check Ports

A faulty PC port can be another possible culprit when users are dealing with pointer-related issues. If the cursors keep on jumping across your monitor, then you should just try to unplug and re-plug the Razer Naga. You can also switch the port altogether and that might help you get around the problem at hand. It is one of the quickest fixes that helped a lot of users.

  1. Faulty Mouse

It is just as likely that your Razer Naga is dead or near death, which is why it is behaving like this.  If you are still having the same cursor jumping issues after going through the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, then the probability of your mouse being damaged or fault increases. In this case, you’ll have to either take your mouse to a repair center or buy a new one.

Issues with the mouse hardware are almost impossible for regular customers to fix, that is why you should save yourself the trouble and have an expert help you out. To verify whether or not your mouse has hardware issues, you can try using the mouse with another PC. If the issue remains then the hardware is faulty and you need to contact your supplier for warranty claim purposes. That is if your warranty is still valid and has not expired.

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