2 Ways to Fix Razer Mouse Wheel Scroll Problem

razer mouse wheel scroll problem
razer mouse wheel scroll problem

Razer Mouse is known for its durability, efficiency, and quickness when gamers use them while playing a specific game or just to browse through things on their PC in daily life scenarios. Razer mice are known to be the best performing mice among gamers due to their broad range of size, as well as how they are more ergonomically beneficial, their stylish outlook, and different prices.

Razer mouse acts as a part of your hand extension for its ease of use while playing games and aiming at moving targets. It gives you the best feel while handling a mouse. They are known to be comfortable in longer periods of gaming. There are a lot of great features for using Razer mouse but one minor problem that pops up while using Razer mouse is your wheel scroll. Sometimes the scroll jumps and makes the cursor go haywire. If you are having this similar Razer mouse wheel scroll problem, here are some ways on how to fix it.

How To Fix Razer Mouse Wheel Scroll Problem

  1. Disassembling and cleaning your Wheel Scroll

This might sound daunting at first but it’s super easy to disassemble and fix your wheel scroll on your own. To perform this action, you just need to have specific tools which are listed below.

  • WD-40
  • Mini straw
  • Bottlecap
  • Lid (to hold screws)
  • Mini screwdrivers (Philips cross-type)

Once you assemble all your tools the next steps are very easy to follow. Unplug your Razer mouse from the USB port. Turn your mouse upside down so you can see the bottom. Remove all the rubbers tapes attached on the top right and left corner of your mouse. Once it’s removed, you will have a sticky tape that was holding the rubber together, take it off slowly and save it for later.

Now take the Philip mini screwdriver and unplug both screws and dump them in your lid. After this, remove the last screw which is place under the Razer mouse sticker on the bottom of your mouse. Once all three screws are removed, turn the mouse over in its correct position.

Gently lift the mouse casing from the bottom part of your mouse by pulling it up. Make sure you do it gently, due to the wires attached to the motherboard of your mouse. Clean the visible dust that you see on your Razer mouse scroll. You will clearly see the scroll and the clicking mechanism attached to it.

The next step is to put some WD-40 in a bottle cap and use a mini straw to put that WD-40 in between the clicking mechanism. Your straw size should not be more than a single finger length. After lubricating, the clicking mechanism, reassemble the mouse carefully by attaching all the screws and place the tape back on. This will work like a miracle and your Razer mouse scroll will work once again.

  1. Replace the Razer Wheel scroll

If you have cleaned your wheel scroll and you are still facing the same problem, you can fix it by attaching a new scroll. You will need to disassemble your Razer mouse by using the Philip screwdriver from the bottom of your mouse. Once you have gently removed the upper casing of your mouse you will see three screws attached on the motherboard inside. Two right next to the scroll up to the top and one in the middle of the motherboard.

Remove the two screws next to the scroll with precision and the scroll will come right off. Now in some Razer mouse, you will have to remove the third screw as well but it depends on what you are using. If you remove the third screw which is placed in the middle of the motherboard you will have to disconnect the wire connector between the motherboard and the optical sensor.

Once you do all the previous steps, pop the scroll wheel out and replace it with any new wheel scroll that fits your Razer mouse. Attach the new wheel scroll carefully to your mouse by placing all the screws back in their original position. This will solve the Razer mouse wheel scroll problem that is bothering you for quite some time.

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