Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini vs Viper Mini – Which Suits Your Grip?

razer deathadder v2 mini vs viper mini
razer deathadder v2 mini vs viper mini

Picking the right mouse for your gaming style can be one of the most difficult things to do. While there are so many options in the market that you can go for, there are still plenty of factors that need to be considered. 

Though if you are a fan of Razer products, then you may have already come across the Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini vs Razer Viper Mini debate. However, in case you are having a hard time choosing between the better product, then here is what you should know regarding these two options: 

Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini vs Viper Mini Comparison

Build Quality  

Right out of the box, the Razer Viper mini comes with an exceptional shape that goes well with both a relaxed claw grip as well as a fingertip grip. Thanks to its shape, aiming with the mouse feels precise and crisp. The mouse comes with a particular coating that makes it very easy to grip on the hands. Besides this, the clicks have been improved by a large margin when compared to its predecessor. 

In contrast, the shape of DeathAdder V2 Mini may not be for those who prefer a claw grip with large hands. These mice feature an ergo grip that may seem a bit too small for gamers with a palm grip. Though if you are someone who likes to use a fingertip grip, you may not have such a hard time using the mouse as compared to those who have a palm grip. Also, for players with smaller hands, the claw grip should work wonders.  

Though when we compare the build quality of both products, users seem to side with the Viper Mini as it naturally comes with a better shape that covers most grip styles.  


Coming to the performance of these mice, both have the same sensor installed inside them which is known to be consistent. Even though there have been players in the past that have complained about facing certain LOD issues with this sensor, it seemed to work just fine. Similarly, the buttons on the Viper Mini feel very responsive and quiet because of the optical switches. Furthermore, the scroll wheel should give a nice feel to those who prefer a low profile.  

Compared to it, the DeathAdder V2 Mini may lack behind as the buttons feel spongier in general. Unfortunately, these mice don’t really feature the same crisp feel when their buttons are pressed. In fact, one of the major downsides of going with the DeathAdder Mini V2 is the buttons. Though it is worth mentioning how the click latency on this particular model is unbelievably good.  

Choosing the Right Mouse 

As already explained earlier, both the options have the same physical sensor which is why you may not notice much of a difference in their performance. However, as these come in different shapes, it will purely depend on what kind of grip style you prefer more. 

If you are someone who has a claw grip, both of them should work great for you. However, the Viper Mini is specifically designed for players with a fingertip grip. All in all, your hand size will matter when picking either one of these out. One noticeable difference in the Viper Mini is that the body’s much lighter as compared to the V2. But then again, it really boils down to what you prefer more. For some players, the Razer Viper Mini can get too lightweight while others seem to prefer it just like that.  

The Bottom Line: 

Comparing the Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini vs Razer Viper Mini, both are amazing and have their own charm. Though if you were looking to find the better option between the two, then the Viper Mini could be more to your liking as it comes with the option of better buttons. 

However, if that is one of your least concerns, then the DeathAdder V2 Mini is a great option as well. Do make sure that you purchase the model that works best for your grip style.  

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