How To Make Razer Kraken More Comfortable?

how to make razer kraken more comfortable
how to make razer kraken more comfortable

Razer is known for its gaming products all over the world. They produce a wide range of gaming products and peripherals that are considered the best among gamers. You can always argue what is the most important device while playing an interactive game.

Is it your mouse? Keyword? Or your headset?

These questions will have different answers depending on the gamer and their preferences. The device that is considered to be the most important by many gamers who play highly interactive shooting games is the headset. The perfect headset allows you to know about your target movements and you can act in seconds by the sound your opponents make while moving.

Razer produces the best gaming headset for the same gaming experience known as Razer Kraken. It is the perfect headset for gaming due to its sleek design and comfort. Also, the thing that makes Razer Kraken stand out is its price from its competitors.

Now you need to be most comfortable while using your devices in gaming. We will discuss how to make Razer Kraken more comfortable during the gameplay.

Making Razer Kraken More Comfortable

Many gaming headsets are tight and this makes it easier for the headset to stay on your head and have the best sound possible. Due to this tight design of the Razer Kraken headset, many gamers feel that it is pressed against their heads. Though it has soft protective padding after a few hours of gaming, you feel that it is hurting your head.

To resolve this problem, you need to understand how to make Razer Kraken more comfortable on your head. You can do that by wrapping the headset with Velcro. Make sure you buy the right size Velcro strap which can be about 10 inches. Once you have the Velcro, wrap it gently around your headset and use your headset without hurting your head.

The Razer Kraken headset has the perfect ear pads for your gaming experience. It creates the best sound through each earpad. But these ear pads can make your earshot and the constant press against your ears due to the tight design can hurt them.

You can remove and change the earpads with a softer cushion that will make them more comfortable to use and it will have less strain on your ears. But this can affect your sound quality as removing ear pads is not advised by many headset companies.

The tightness of your Razer Kraken can also be stretched by stretching them over any piece of the box when they are not in use. This will stretch the headset a little more. These are some quick ways on how to make your Razer Kraken more comfortable.

Doing all this will make your headset more comfortable and your head will feel much better but it can affect the product and your gaming experience as a whole, especially if you remove and change the headset earpads with the softer ones.

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