Overwatch: What Is D.Va’s Age

What Is D.Va’s Age
What Is D.Va’s Age

D.Va is one of the 31 characters available for selection in Overwatch. She is one of the 8 tanks in game and is quite popular among fans. She has a competitive personality, having a strong drive that makes her want to be the best at everything she does. She is a famous character in and out of the game, with even people that haven’t ever played Overwatch knowing about her and her iconic bunny symbol.

Ever since she was a little girl, D.Va had always been good at games. It was when she was a teenager that she started to attract the attention of the world. She started breaking records in major arcades all over South Korea and started winning tournaments in different cities. She eventually made it big and earned her title as the number one StarCraft player in the world at only 16-17 years of age.

After winning the world championships D.Va attracted a lot of companies and organisations that wanted her to be the face of their brands. Eventually she got tired of all the fame and attention and decided to step up when her country needed her most, during the omnic crisis. D.Va was chosen as one of the test pilots for a new type of Meka that had controls quite similar to the games that D.Va grew up playing. After successful test flights D.Va began using her Meka to help South Korea and protect it from the attacking omnics and became a national hero. She got even more popularity and was loved by everyone. Out of all her friends who piloted the other Meka with her, she was the most popular because of her past. At just 19 years of age Hana Song, who was known by her gamer tag, D.Va became famous all over the world and is the tank we all know and love.

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