Overwatch: Cute Mercy And Moira Sprays

Mercy And Moira Sprays
Mercy And Moira Sprays

Overwatch is famous for the wide variety of cosmetics it provides. The cosmetics include skins that change your character’s appearance, sprays that you can use for comedic or scenery changing effects, and emotes and victory poses that can express how you feel. These cosmetics do not effect gameplay in any way but are a fun addition to the game that make for fun interactions with other players in game.

All of these cosmetics can be unlocked by opening loot boxes (you can get loot boxes by purchasing them from the store or by levelling up by gaining experience points), or by purchasing the cosmetics with the games own currency. There are however, a certain set of sprays that you can get by completing the objective given by the game. These sprays are the hardest thing to unlock as the objectives for most of them are quite difficult to complete. A couple of sprays in particular that are very hard to unlock are the cute Mercy and Moira sprays. If you main either of the two and want the cute sprays, given below is a guide for how you can get them.



‘’Resurrect 6 players as Mercy without dying in Quick play or Competitive play’’.


During the early stages of the game this achievement was very easy to unlock as Mercy’s old ultimate, ‘’Resurrect’’ allowed her to revive all downed allies when you pressed her ultimate button. This helped you revive a maximum of five allies making this achievement significantly easier than it is now. But now that Mercy has been reworked and her ultimate has been replaced this might be the hardest objective to complete.

Mercy can only make one resurrection every 30 seconds without dying. Which means you have to stay alive for a minimum of 3 minutes while putting yourself in danger by reviving other players, which makes you completely vulnerable. Staying alive for 3 minutes sounds easy, but it is a very hard thing to do in Overwatch. One simple way to complete this objective is to stay behind your tanks at all times and only revive the fallen teammate who is in a position that is completely free from hostiles. Wait behind the safety of your tanks’ shields and go in for the resurrection when the enemy team is short in numbers or away from the position. This should keep you safe and should help you get the spray fairly easily.

Another way to do it is to only revive your snipers. Snipers like Hanzo and Widow are the furthest from action while they attack from afar, so if they happen to get eliminated safely fly in and revive them. This should keep the enemies away from you as they’ll be too busy dealing with other members of your team that are on the objective.



‘’Touch 7 people simultaneously with your coalasence’’


This achievement is fairly difficult to complete as coalasence only goes in a straight line and getting 7 people lined up at the same time is not easy to do. There was a bug that got you spray even if you touched 7 people with coalasence through the entirety of a single ultimate but Blizzard has patched that.

The easiest way to get this spray is to wait for overtime and use your ultimate when the point is overly crowded. When both teams are on the point coalasence should easily hit seven people at once.

If that doesn’t work your safest bet is to pair up with Zarya. Her ultimate keeps the enemy team in one tiny space making the achievement very easy to complete.

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