Overwatch vs Fortnite: Which one To Play?

overwatch vs fortnite
overwatch vs fortnite

Both Overwatch and Fortnite are very popular games in their own right. Both have large player bases and are great games in their own unique ways. Overwatch is a 6v6 tactical shooter that is different from most other games in its genre. It is a first-person shooter that allows users to take control of 1 out of 32 different characters. All of these different characters have their own specific abilities and unique weapons. One of the better things about Overwatch is that winning is highly dependent on teamwork. It is very hard to win a match in Overwatch if you don’t work together with your teammates. In the end, the team with the better composition and strategy will definitely come out on top.

Fortnite, on the other hand, is almost a completely different game from Overwatch. Fortnite is a shooter game, however, it features a third-person perspective, unlike Overwatch. Fortnite is also completely different from Overwatch due to the fact that it is a battle royale game. Players are put into matches with 100 other players. These players must fight each other to ensure their survival. The last man or team left standing at the end of a match is declared the victor.

Overwatch vs Fortnite: The Main Differences

Overwatch was released in 2016 while Fortnite was released much later in 2018. As mentioned, both games are great due to their unique specialties. A few of these specialties are mentioned below, along with how both games are different from each other.


As mentioned, both Overwatch and Fortnite are completely different when it comes to gameplay. Fortnite is part of the battle royale genre which is one of the biggest sensations in gaming nowadays. Players can play alone or in a group with up to three other friends. There are a hundred different players in each match and it is up to you to make sure you’re the last man standing. Players are put into the match without any weapons and must find loot on their own. Finding the right equipment is key to winning games in Fortnite.

Meanwhile, Overwatch features team-based gameplay. 2 teams of 6 players face off against each other in a short match. The game is highly tactical and skill isn’t the only thing that players need in order to win. You can be the best Overwatch player in the world but you’d still fail to win many matches if you don’t work with teammates. Unlike in Fortnite, every Overwatch character has special equipment and abilities. Survival isn’t the only important thing in Overwatch. Players need to complete specific objectives and cannot win matches without doing so.

Player Base

Many multiplayer games completely died out when Fortnite was released. However, Overwatch was different from the rest of these games. While some players stopped playing Overwatch after the release of Fortnite, a majority of players kept playing the game. Many million players still actively play Overwatch to this day. This is due to the fact that the game constantly keeps players happy with new events and content.

While millions still play Overwatch, the number still isn’t large enough to compete with Fortnite. Fortnite is arguably the most played game in the entire world. Almost 50 million players play the game actively and this number is actually increasing instead of decreasing.


Fortnite is much more affordable than Overwatch due to the fact that it is free. Overwatch Standard Edition is normally worth $19.99 when not on sale. On the other hand, the legendary edition of the game is worth much more, $39.99 to be exact.

These prices occasionally get lower when on sale but Fortnite is still much more affordable. Anyone can play Fortnite whenever they want as the game is completely free to download on all platforms. The fact that Fortnite is free also plays a big part in the number of players that play the game.


It must be said that Overwatch is much more competitive than Fortnite. Overwatch has a ranked mode and has its own professional league. Fortnite also has its own ranked mode and professional tournament however they aren’t as famous as Overwatch. Many more people prefer competitive Overwatch as compared to competitive Fortnite.

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