Overwatch Legendary Edition vs Standard: Which One Should You Buy?

overwatch legendary edition vs standard
overwatch legendary edition vs standard


Overwatch Is an online FPS game, owned by Blizzard Entertainment. Released in 2016, the game had a major success on its release with millions of active players. The game mostly focuses on team composition and communication.

Having good skill is still important but the game heavily relies on players communicating with each other and trying out different strategies to defeat the opposing team.

On release, the game mainly had 3 editions. Each one of these had a different price tag, with Standard edition being the cheapest option out of the 3. As the Standard edition was the cheapest, many people prefer buying that without considering the other options. Today, only 2 editions of the game are available, namely Standard edition and Legendary edition.

Overwatch Legendary Edition vs Standard

There are a few reasons one should consider buying the Legendary edition compared to the standard. The same could be said about the standard edition. We are here today to discuss both of these editions.

Although not anything huge, there a few differences between the Legendary edition and the Standard with the legendary edition featuring some added benefits. We will be pointing out some of these differences to help you decide which one of these editions to buy.

So, let’s dive in to see what both of these editions have to offer, and why you should consider buying either of these.

  1. Skins

Skins are one of the major aspects of the game that will not affect your gameplay by any means. As it is purely cosmetics, it will help your hero look cool. There are over 30 heroes in the game and each of these characters has tons of skins that can be applied to them.

As mentioned earlier, skins are only cosmetics and have no relation to actual gameplay at all. However, having cool new skins will make your hero look better and unique.

Legendary edition grants you access to some of the coolest skins available in the game. This is one advantage of buying the Legendary edition as you will have skins for the most popular heroes in the game.

  1. Items

Compared to the standard edition, Legendary edition offers you some cool items which are added to your inventory as soon as you have bought the game. One of these items includes Loot Boxes.

These Loot Boxes only contain in-game currency and a few cosmetics. Loot Boxes are randomized and can feature any of the given items, ranging from skins, highlight intros, emotes, voice lines, sprays, and more.

In Standard edition, you will be granted a loot box only once you have leveled up. Buying the legendary edition is a great way to get a head start as you will own quite a few Loot Boxes right off the bat.

  1. Price

The legendary edition is priced a lot more compared to the Standard edition. This is one of the main reasons why many people prefer buying the Standard edition. Although Legendary edition does give you a few benefits, the price tag is much more than Standard edition.

Right now, the Standard edition is priced around 19.99$ whereas the Legendary edition costs you around 39.99$. For almost half the price, you will be getting a complete copy of the game but without owning any premium cosmetic items. Although Legendary edition will cost you double the price, it will allow you to own some of the best cosmetic items of the game.

The price tag is the major deciding factor for many gamers while in the process of buying the game. As Standard edition is a lot cheaper, many prefer buying that instead of the Legendary edition.


Comparing Overwatch Legendary edition vs Standard, there are a few aspects where one falls flat compared to the other. We have mentioned the major factors revolving around both the editions.

As you might have guessed, even if Legendary edition gives you access to some of the best items and skins in the game, they are only cosmetics. There will be no effect on the gameplay whatsoever.

If you’re someone who just wants to enjoy the game and does not care about a few cosmetics, you’re better off buying the Standard edition as you will be saving a lot of bucks.

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