How To Get Out Of Bronze In Overwatch (3 Ways)

how to get out of bronze overwatch
how to get out of bronze overwatch

Overwatch is a huge game, especially when it comes to competitive play. Competitive is the most famous model in the entirety of Overwatch. In the competitive mode, 2 teams face off each other and must complete their objectives. All 12 players in a match are of the same skill level which keeps things players.

A skill won’t be the only thing that decides games as every player is on the same level. Players will have to work hard with their teammates and use tactics to outclass the enemy team. In Overwatch, the team with the best strategy almost always ends up winning. Teamwork and a good composition also players a big part in deciding which team ends up winning.

The game decides a player’s skill level based on their performances in placement matches. Players must play these matches at the start of each season. There are a total of 7 ranks in the entire game with the lowest one being bronze and the highest one being grandmaster. Players must win more and more matches in order to increase their skill rating and rank.

How to Get out of Bronze in Competitive Overwatch

You also get rewards based on your rank at the end of each season. This makes bronze the worst rank, as the rewards aren’t anything helpful. Most beginners are inevitably a part of bronze and it can be difficult for them to increase their rank. If you’re one of these players, below are a few methods you can try to get out of bronze in Overwatch.

  1. Start Using Voice Chat

Many bronze players don’t use voice chat to communicate with their teammates. As already mentioned, Overwatch is heavily reliant on team composition and strategy. You can’t form an effective strategy or composition unless you communicate with your teammates through text or voice chat.

Start communicating with your teammates and work hard to form good tactics. You’ll immediately start to win more and more ranked games once you start doing so.

  1. Play with Friends

As mentioned above, many players in bronze don’t use voice chat to talk to allies. If you encounter these players frequently, you should consider playing with friends until you reach gold or higher. You’ll easily be able to communicate with friends and you’ll also know more about each other’s strengths. This will allow you and your team to form even better plans and get more wins.

  1. Practice More

In the end, the best option is to practice more and more. Stop playing competitive matches for a while and play a lot of casual games. Try out different characters and strategies in each map. In the end, you’ll be able to know which one suits you the most. Once you’ve mastered a few characters and found the best strategy for yourself, get back to playing competitively. You should be much better than most other players in your level after doing this, which means you’ll easily be able to get out of bronze.

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