What Is Overwatch Triple Buffering?

overwatch triple buffering
overwatch triple buffering

Overwatch is a shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game features a first-person perspective and is an intense shooter filled with many great characters. Overwatch puts 2 teams of 6 against each other. One team must complete a specific objective while the second team must stop the other team from completing the said objective. The game was released in 2016 and eventually became one of the most popular games in the world.

The PC version of Overwatch allows users to make many changes in order to improve the game’s performance on their device. Users can perform these changes using their PC’s settings or from the options menu of the game itself. Players can also enable features such as V-sync and more in order to improve or balance the performance of a game on their device.

One particular feature that many players are interested in is triple buffering. Overwatch also supports the triple buffering feature, just like most other video games.

What is Triple Buffering?

Triple buffering is a feature that allows you to improve upon the effects of double buffering and V-sync. As many players may already know, V-sync prevents screen tearing by stopping your video card from outputting extra frames before your monitor can display them. While this sounds very helpful, vertical synchronization (V-sync) also has its disadvantages.  V-sync caps your frame rate. This means that users will only be able to receive a preset amount of frames per second when playing Overwatch. On top of this, V-sync is known to cause input lag as well.

Triple buffering removes these disadvantages by keeping a few extra buffers of data in-store. However, using triple buffering requires a lot more video memory. This means that using the feature will cause some performance issues if your GPU isn’t compatible with it.

Using Triple Buffering in Overwatch

Using triple buffering can also cause errors if the game you wish to play can’t support the feature. However, this isn’t a problem for Overwatch players as the game is capable of supporting triple buffering. You shouldn’t have any problems using the feature with the game unless your GPU is incompatible.

You should definitely give triple buffering a chance while playing Overwatch if your GPU is good enough. The feature doesn’t have many drawbacks and is certainly helpful as it prevents screen tearing. If you wish to disable triple buffering on your PC because it’s causing problems, try the method below.

Disabling Triple Buffering

You can easily disable triple buffering whenever you want if you think it is causing problems. Simply go to the desktop and right-click. Choose the “NVidia Control Panel’’ if you use an NVidia GPU or the “Catalyst Control Center’’ if you use an AMD GPU.

Once you open the menu, you should be able to disable triple buffering whenever you want using the settings. The changes are easily reversible. You can easily enable triple buffering again if it turns out that something else was causing performance issues while you were playing Overwatch.

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