8 Useful Tips to Get Better at Overwatch (Improve Overwatch Playing Skills)

How to get better at Overwatch
How to get better at Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the hardest shooters out there but it isn’t all that complicated once you figure your hero out. Mastering your hero and working together with your team to stop the opposition from completing their objective are the 2 main ways to improve your game in Overwatch but isn’t all there is to get better. Here are some tips to improve your game in Overwatch that should get you winning games in no time.

How to get better at Overwatch

1. Use A Mic

Using a Mic and co-ordinating with your team-mates is crucial for winning games. It helps you to group-up with team-mates and combines your abilities and ultimates to complete that match-winning combo. You can also help your team-mates by revealing the location of enemies and develop plans for flanking the enemy from the sides.

2. Spend Time In Arcade

When in bad form or trying to learn a new hero go play some arcade modes, the unique play-style of each mode is bound to help you in actual matches and it’s also a fun way to relieve some stress after a stressful time of losing games in Competitive play. When you are having trouble deciding what hero to learn next try out Mystery Heroes and see what character you’re most comfortable playing with.

3. Learn Against Bots

When learning a new hero, go to the Training menu and practice with bots of each level, Easy, Medium and Hard. Keep playing until even the Hard bots feel like easy. Once you’re done head over to the arcade and play some DeathMatch games. When you start winning in DeathMatch winning in Quick Play and Competitive will be a breeze for you.

4. Never Use The Same Tactics

If you keep being a one-trick and try the same over and over the opposition will eventually work you out. Try to use different routes and keep your movements unpredictable. Keep moving even when you’re fighting the enemy, this will make it harder for your enemy to hit you and prevent snipers from landing easy head-shots

5. Improve Your Aim

Move back to the DeathMatch and Elimination modes and work on your aim. Don’t always try to land headshots as it just isn’t going to happen. Try not to miss and always try to get in the ideal range if you want to land all your shots on the opponent. Don’t get greedy for the kill and run after a fleeing enemy, stay with your team and focus on the objective.

6. Focus On The Objective!

The biggest problem throughout all shooter games is the players the run head-on into enemy territory thinking they’re heroes… but die immediately, leaving you all alone on the objective. In Overwatch, your main focus is the objective. Don’t be a hero and try to get the most kill or most damage. Remember that this is a team game and defend your allies. When on the attack, rather than charging straight at the enemy, work with your team and try to flank them or catch them off guard.

7. Explore Maps

When in skirmish try to make the most of those few minutes and explore the map to find health pack locations and good vantage points. Finding vantage points doesn’t only help you get the perfect sniping spot, it can also help you to find where the pesky Widowmakers or Hanzos are hiding from. In a fight, knowing where to find health packs is also important so you can heal yourself in a tough fight and gain the upper hand.

8. Learn The Best Combos

Try to learn multiple heroes in each role and discover the best combos for each map, for example, Roadhog or Orisa go quite well with Lucio on Ilios, or Mercy and Pharah go well on nearly every map and are an annoying combo for any opposing side. Work with a friend and learn one hero for each combo to get that satisfying match-winning combo right. Sometimes multiple heroes can work brilliantly together, for example, Reinhardt, Bastion and Baptiste are an amazing combo that will almost guarantee you a win on any map.

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