Overwatch: Pink Mercy Skin

overwatch pink mercy skin
Overwatch pink mercy skin

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter released by Blizzard in 2016. The game became very popular in late 2017, following many other Blizzard games before it by raising in popularity rather than declining. Overwatch is a colourful game, containing many cosmetics for characters, including skins, sprays and the main attraction, skins.

Overwatch is quite popular for its great skin designs. Although these skins do not help you in-game, they do make you look a lot cooler and fancier. Skins like all the other in-game cosmetics can be unlocked by opening loot boxes or by buying them using the game’s own currency. Loot boxes can also be bought but for real money instead of in-game currency.

Many people all over the world are skeptical when it comes to loot boxes with most considering it gambling and are against any sort of microtransactions being involved in video games. Countries like Belgium have even gone so far to completely ban any sort of microtransactions such as loot boxes.

This has caused some developers to completely remove the microtransactions system from their games and instead of adding new ways for players to get exclusive awards such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which has added a season pass system which allows players to earn their rewards by playing matches and claiming new cosmetics as they level up.

Blizzard, however, proved that microtransactions are not that bad by revealing a skin for Overwatch character Mercy in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). The skin is a completely different look for the character and focuses on the colour pink, mainly associated with the fight against breast cancer, which is why the skin was just simply given the name, Pink Mercy.

Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin

If you don’t play Overwatch and are not familiar with who she is, Mercy, real name Angela Ziegler, is a healer from Overwatch who is not only quite popular among fans but also plays a vital role in the story of Overwatch. She was one of the head doctors of Overwatch and had made huge achievements in the scope of Nanobiology before joining the organization, which is why she caught Overwatch’s attention in the first place.

Using nanotech she was able to make huge advancements, even allowing herself to be able to revive the fallen, which is also her trademark ability in the game. She was well respected by all members for Overwatch not just for her hard work and dedication but also because of her loving personality and friendly behavior with anyone that would approach her.

Mercy has always had the intention of wanting to help everyone, achieving world peace and making sure that no one would ever be hurt or in pain. These reasons make her the perfect character for the Breast Cancer awareness skin. Not only is it a good skin but all proceeds that were made by the skin were donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The skin cost $15 and was only available for a couple of weeks, being around only from 8th May to the 21st of the same month. Despite being available for such a short time, the skin gathered a huge 12.7 million dollars for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which was a gigantic help for the foundation.

Because of the skin’s popularity among fans of the game, it was brought back permanently and is now available on the Battle Net website for the same price with all the money made still going to the BCRF.

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